Week 13 is now just a memory

With the final week of semester behind me, I recently found myself reflecting on the anticipation of my final weeks as I neared the end of my first degree. Equal parts excitement, nerves and stress, since end of semester exams have started.

week thirteen scrabble

After twelve years of schooling and three at university I was finally about to launch on my career journey and join the full timers negotiating city pavements in nice shoes.  But with beginnings come endings, several years of honing my study and campus routine until it was nice and comfy had come to an end. I wouldn’t be wandering the halls in a month or so looking for my tutorial in a room that seems to be so well hidden I hoped there was a prize waiting for me when I (if I ?) finally find it.  But the memories are mine forever and come in handy for ice-breaking conversations with my new student comrades when I returned for further study : ‘I remember this walkway before it had this cool meeting-spot deck!…’. Until I find myself experiencing my final few weeks of study again, I’d better re-focus on the present I guess, exams have started  after all…

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