Music at exams: False expectations or our future?

A few weeks ago, I did an exam with music playing in the background for the first time… Hopefully, it was not the last time for me.

Studying with music

Studying with music

A marketing research unit organised an option of sitting our mid-semester exam in a room with background music. The idea behind it was to test if students that listen to music while they are studying might perform better if the exam room had similar conditions.

For those who were wondering, I LOVED IT! The music was perfect, the exam was perfect, and hopefully my results will be great as well!

Our world is progressing and you never know what kind of new standards university will implement next year. Did you know that next semester QUT is transferring all assignment submissions to a digital format only? The change is happening and I hope to sit more exams with music in the near future!

Now, I would like to share a playlist that has made my study very productive: Spotify ESM Electronic Study Music

What are your thoughts? Do you listen to music while studying?


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