Law degrees: universally relevant to any dream

I don’t remember an exact moment when my future career hatched within my consciousness but I do remember being beyond excited when receiving a legal dictionary for my ninth birthday. I can’t remember a time before having an immediate response to all who asked what I wanted to be when I grew up. Somewhere between pigtails and doing the locomotion in an identical Kylie ensemble (thanks mum!) the legal seed was planted.Picsart2016-12-5--15-14-13

The dream grew over time, before being shaded by a rapidly growing introduced species of career possibilities in high school. Suddenly ‘new’ vocational ideas seemed far cooler than what I wanted to be when I was a kid.

Like a classic white shirt, a legal education is remarkably relevant in almost all situations. And like most classics, this often only becomes clear once hindsight see-saws its way above the balance point. Hence, my return to my first calling after my first degree, once a few years of real world graduate work experience helped open my eyes to how legally educated non-lawyers seemed to be respected & have so many of the answers others were seeking. It’s Law Week this week, the perfect opportunity to have a look at the dreams in your future a law degree could provide rocket fuel for.

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