My journey on the yellow brick road of blogging

Hello everyone! I’m Amanda, a mature age (no, really!) aspiring legal mind and former public servant who’s almost reached the end of the 32 subject LLB yellow brick road.  But I’m only at the start of the digital world yellow brick road. I’ve never blogged, linked-in, poked or snap chatted. Until now. I feared that, like farmed fish and civilians approaching their maiden O Week, the digital world outside my ignorant bliss would gallop away with periscope, raspberry Pi and you-tubery until I couldn’t even see its dust anymore, let alone eat it.Picsart2016-13-5--09-58-06

I’ve now got my digital training wheels and streamers and am coming at you, Emerald City, from behind. And the outside barrier. I hope I don’t break the internet. Join (follow? tag? ugghhh…) me on my departure from Kansas destined for all things digital and try not to laugh too often or wonder too loudly how on earth I could have been a student for this long without knowing all the things I don’t know, ok? I’ll share what I know: A bright lip makes everything better but for a few exceptions which are cured by pillowy chocolate-powder-sprinkled- foam hovering above a caffeinated brew that had better be steaming. STEAMING I tell you. What I don’t know will no doubt be glaringly obvious, but we’ll share the pain of this. Don’t forget to join/tag/follow because I’m beginner you know, and may fall into the trap of measuring my self worth by the numbers staring back at me from my new digital world.

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