University Tips and Tricks: Don’t be one of those high heel wearing, blister getting girls.

May is here already. Sorry, what? I know, right. So that means that year-twelvers are starting to look at/apply for university or TAFE courses and some adults may be looking at mid-year university entry. This was me three years ago- oh lord, I am getting old- and all that hard work, late nights and binge-stress eating paid off because I was accepted into my (at the time) dream degree!

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As my first blog post on the Student Sharehouse I thought I would entertain you guys with tips and typically awkward scenarios I experienced in my first year of uni. My first year of uni was a struggle for me, unlike high-school. University is a completely different experience. Let’s get the ball rolling!

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Study stress running around your head ? Get out of bed and go for a run instead.

It’s reaching the pointy end of semester. Its now an elaborate Cirque du Soleil routine to juggle work commitments, Uni assessment, a social life and having good health. Last week was probably my most stressful and time pressed week of the year. With two (50-60%) assignments due within two days of each other, three night time social commitments, a full week of uni and working a 30 hour week… needless to say I was surviving on very little sleep and a large amount of caffeine However next to horrible instant coffee, getting some sunlight, fresh air and exercise was overwhelmingly helpful to keeping my sanity, maintaining discipline and inspiring creativity during this stressful period. Read more

The ghost of Molly Woodward…

When you become a drama student at QUT, you’ll soon become acquainted with the ghost of Molly Woodward.


Molly Woodward, photo from QUT Woodward Theatre’s Facebook page.

A well-loved teacher and leader in drama, back in the day when QUT was a teacher’s college, Molly Woodward passed away in 1979 and left behind a rich legacy of creativity and inspiration. She was so loved that the theatre in L-Block was named in her honour – The Woodward Theatre.


Woodward Theatre plaque – Photo from QUT Woodward Theatre Facebook page.

Though the new creative industries building has just opened, any past drama student can recall their spooky moments where good old Molly was present.

If there was a random technical fault that plunged the theatre in darkness, it was Molly.

If you were sitting in the Woodward for a lecture and the mouse on the screen had a mind of its own, it was Molly.

If you were rehearsing late at night and you heard a door slam – even if it was closed to begin with, it was Molly.

Much like the theory of Brecht, the presence of Molly Woodward is an iconic drama student experience. But if you don’t believe me, then read the poem below that was definitely not written by me.


as you walk into lectures
and find yourself a seat
upon the red, narrow rows
with nary a spot for your feet

you will find yourself among
a sacred spirit, a ghost
the one they call ‘Molly’
is the presence you’ll feel most

in L-Block she roamed
from room 207 to 226
and as the lights flickered
you knew she was up to her old tricks

if you were rehearsing your assessment
you did so in daylight, and never alone
for in the nighttime, Molly critiqued your work
if it wasn’t right, she’d make it known

with every gust of wind
and every echo in the hall
you’d hope it was just a lecturer
and not Molly’s spooky, creepy call

be careful of the lighting rig;
watch out for certain death
if you want to appease the ghost
better not say the title of that Scottish play 😉

now, L-Block may have seen its end
but these stories are ours, not just mine
and if you’re wondering where Molly is now
you may find her in Z9…

So there you have it, folks! Is it a myth? We’ll never know. But take it from this drama student… you might want to watch your back. Embrace Molly’s spirit and you’re sure to find success. But if you don’t believe in it, well…

maybe you’ll be next…

First Year Experience

Over the course of last year, I got to experience a small little taste of what university was like, through the START Program, which had a bunch of pros and cons but was ultimately a really great time. Now that I’m just about to be at the half way point of my first full semester, I’d like to talk more about what it’s really like to be apart of university life and the first year experience (FYE).

Let’s start with O-week; something that came with promise of parties and celebrations, as well as important information on my degree. And it delivered! There was live entertainment, clubs to join and of course, the Toga Party!

There was also a few “compulsory” information sessions (personally I found these very general overviews of the faculty I’m part of) and chances to meet people involved in my degree. These information sessions were pretty uneventful, so I couldn’t wait to move on to the real deal!

Week 1

The real deal did not disappoint. After my first week of lectures I was so happy that my course was actually exactly what I wanted to be doing, and I was stoked to be around people passionate about the same things I was. Although I did feel a bit out of my depth in one of my units…

This had be worrying for a bit


… but I was excited about the challenge!

Week 2

This week I had all my tutorials, workshops and studios on. The real game had begun. Even though this did include a lovely 8am tutorial (just… don’t do it) most of the content covered was really interesting and fresh for me. Of course some of the tutorials were a bit introductory and boring, but that would improve, right?

Week 3

This week was a bit of a slump. My favourite lecturer quite suddenly left – half way through our lecture is when they broke the news to us. That lecture has never been quite the same. Other lectures’ content seemed straight forward, and one of which felt like it had no relevance at all to my degree, but it turns out that it has highly relevant to my 60% assessment. It’s important to pay attention!. The tutorials still managed to stay lively. There wasn’t any stress at this point, because I had ages do to stuff, and Easter break was in a week’s time!

Week 4

Same thing different week, then BOOM holidays! Or… not? During that small holiday, it felt more like a “catch up on everything you’ve not done that’s due when you get back.” Suddenly things piled on top of each other.

Week 5 & 6

This is where it really hits folks. Mid-semester assessment. You don’t see it coming. It’s like a lion in the bush and you’re the prey. If you took it easy over the break, well done, you probably needed the break. Unfortunately, this does mean that you’re now behind the 8-ball with upcoming assessment, which can be a source of stress.


So that’s the run down of my first few weeks. It’s way more fun than high school; and the work is rewarding and the lifestyle is much more enjoyable, but there’s still a long way to go.

How first year can feel

How first year can make you feel

When you go into your first year, just keep enjoying the ride and the freedom that comes with it. Yes, you’ll stress. But yes, you’ll also reach the end of the semester and you’ll be able to travel or better yet, just relax! Until it all starts again next semester…

Five things I’ve inherited (or hope to inherit) from my mum


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May The 4th Be With You!

Semester 1
The year has begun. The student has travelled 
to the new world of University. With the teachings 
of the wise tutors and lecturers, the student will learn 
the ways of study and become an Assessment Master.

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