Post-Graduation Feels

In November I finally graduated (still feels good saying that) and decided to make the big move from QUT all the way to . . . QUT. Yep, I’m postponing the real world for just a little longer with postgraduate study. My new course? The Graduate Diploma in Education. It qualifies me to teach my undergraduate degree knowledge in Film, TV & New Media.

The mandatory graduation selfie

The mandatory graduation selfie

I’m unsure whether I want to start teaching immediately, but for me the Graduate Diploma was a no-brainer. I like film and I like working with kids – por qué no los dos? I think back to Film, TV & New Media in high school and it was by far the best class in my schooling years. I can totally picture myself teaching fun and interactive lessons surrounding the fascinating world of media.

On the other hand I feel the need to pursue a production-based career in film. Although I’m currently working as a videographer for QUT (one of my latest videos is below), my heart is telling me it’s time for change. Yet my mind is telling me that change is scary. What I really want is to produce meaningful work for social progress (think documentaries or even those short eye-opening videos you stumble across on Facebook), but sometimes I feel clueless as to how to get there, which is disheartening.

But post-graduation worries are perfectly normal. Most graduates experience unease when things start to get real in the real world. For me I had to remind myself of a few vital lessons I learnt in my undergraduate degree. Firstly, the creative industries in all its creativeness doesn’t particularly have a clear-cut pathway into jobs. It’s not like a law student who does a law degree to work in a law firm to be a lawyer (usually). Secondly, it’s about who you know that can really increase job prospects. The power of networking should not be underestimated. Lastly, the personal portfolio is a necessity. You need to show what you can do, not just what you’ve learnt to do.

With this in mind I feel better knowing I’m on the right track. Although I can’t see the pathway to my dream job, I’m sure if I continue to build my portfolio and expand my networks, opportunities will arise to bring me closer to where I want to be. And there’s perhaps no better place to soak up opportunities than at a university hustling and bustling with people and projects. So I’m glad to be back at QUT adding another branch of knowledge to my belt whilst keeping an eye out for new happenings. You never know what’s around the corner in creative industries, which for me is the most exciting thing about the industry.

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