A Multi-coloured International Happiness Day!!

Finally, I get an opportunity to blab about the things that make me happy!!

It’s International Day of Happiness, a day where the aim is to inspire us think about the small, large, casual, meaningful, past or present, situations or occasions that have made our hearts sing out in absolute happiness. Mine is pretty simple, but it’s so fun that they’ve even made TV shows about it across the world: kids say the funniest things.

I’m in 3rd year of Primary Education at QUT Kelvin Grove, and we get to go out on ‘prac’ into local primary schools EVERY semester of our degree. So, we get to experience the most joyful moments you can imagine. Here’s one of mine:

NB. I have fair skin and freckles.
NB. The 5 year old I was talking to was standing next to his mother.
NB. She was talking to another parent and not paying a great deal of attention.
NB. Some parents have a tendency to severely overdress for the morning school drop-off.

CHILD: What’s wrong with your skin?
Nothing’s wrong with it. They’re called freckles. And, lots of people have different types of skin.
CHILD: But why is it so many colours?
ME: What colours can you see in my skin?
CHILD: I can see brown, and pink, and orange, and white. But different types of ALL those colours.
ME: And you’ve never seen anyone with different colours in their skin before?
CHILD: Mummy has different coloured hair all the time, but she might have more colours under her wrinkles.

Needless to say, his mother went bright red – a wonderful colour.

Sean Ikin - Happy (large)

Happy International Happiness Day guys. My wish is that everyone can find as much happiness in their chosen profession as I have found already in training for mine.

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    Halljlueah! I needed this-you’re my savior.

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