Student bloggers share: Back to class traditions

Some of our student bloggers share their ‘back to class’ traditions as Week 1 of Semester 1 kicks off at QUT. Can you relate to any of these?


Sara’s back to school tradition is cleaning her room. What better way to start a fresh new year than with an uncluttered, productive space?

Sara - back to school traditions


These are Jason’s back to uni traditions. Make sure to look tidy, wear something comfy, and don’t forget to bring a working pen to class for some awesome note taking!

Jason Tomlinson - Back to uni traditions


LauraAfter three years of service, Laura’s faithful uni bag is retiring due to an increasing shoulder pain to Law text book ratio. In its place this ever so stylish, heavy duty hiking backpack will be baring the brunt of the following; her laptop and charger, various textbooks, plastic water bottles in various states of fullness and the entire stationary section of Woolworths. If you see an oversized turtle walking on two legs around Gardens Point don’t be alarmed, don’t bother calling the RSPCA, its probably just Laura going about her merry way. #backtouni #backtounibackpack

Back to uni backpack_Laura

MelMelissa Cameron

Student blogger Mel couldn’t decide on just one ‘back to class’ tradition, so she’s given us her top three! Coffee, organisation and procrastination – sounds like an interesting combination!

Mel - Updated Instagram - Coffee

You’ve had the most amazing holiday. Relaxing, sleeping, going away, spending time with friends, doing whatever you want, when all of a sudden… argh! School’s back! And you know you’re going to be tired by the end of week one, if not the end of day one. Well, Digital Ambassador Mel’s got the perfect back to school tradition for you. Coffee. Not that she doesn’t drink coffee every other day, but there’s something so rewarding about having coffee the morning that you go back to class that it feels like a tradition anyway.

Mel - Updated Instagram - Key Dates

Before going back to school, Digital Ambassador Mel liked to write all the key university dates in her calendar. Assessment, lectures, tutorials, everything. It was a time consuming task, and there’s nothing scarier than seeing all of the classes and assessment on paper for the coming months. But it was an important back to school tradition, and one that Mel upheld every semester (prior to her other tradition of not looking at her calendar for the rest of the semester anyway and noticing that her calendar still says January when it’s actually April).

Mel - Instagram - Procrastinating TraditionMel’s back to school tradition involved some hardcore procrastinating. Since procrastinating isn’t the best idea in the middle of a semester, why not cram it all in for the first week back? Whether it was reading, scrolling through Tumblr, playing the Legend of Zelda, or an masterful combination of all three at once, Mel was sure to always honour this back to school tradition before she graduated.

Do you have a ‘back to class’ tradition? Let us know in the comments below!

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