Snacking your way through the Semester.

We all know it’s true. There’s no point denying it. Don’t be coy, don’t be shy. I’m right there with you. So is she, and he and your teacher and your sibling – it’s just a fact of life. 

We’ve all relied on food to get us through the tough parts of life.

Engaged to nutella

(Disclaimer: I am not actually engaged)

Me? Chocolate. Or more particularly… hazelnut chocolate… Or… you know… because I can’t afford Forero Rocher or Guylian… my go to, my counselor, my knight in shining armor…. Nutella.I know I’m not alone with my  nutella appreciation but I have also been educated in the many and varied support foods. They’re a food group of their own really. So below is the list of snacks that will be the camper to your van, the hazel to your nut and the egg to your omlette.

  • Did I mention Nutella?
  • Cookies – any or all. Coles brand is perfectly acceptable – especially in those buckets…Cookies!
  • Burritos. They’re a warm blankie filled with hopes and dreams that will keep you safe and well for eternity (for $7-$15).burrito
  • Pizza. It needs you just as much as you need it. It’ll cry cheesy tears with you during exam
  • Bacon. Do you need a reason?My Bae-con.

I didn’t say that support foods were a healthy choice. But if you were actually looking for brain-power support rather than emotional eating options, here’s a far more conscientious list of helpful foods. (They don’t get drawings because the don’t get as much love from me and my discriminatory arteries).

  • Grapes! They’re said to improve your memory, they’re snackable and they’re generally considered a holy fruit – so why not?
  • Fish! Another reason to get fish n’ chips is always appreciated. Brain food at it’s best.
  • Blue Berries! Because they’re cute, they make anything look pretty and they’re snappy and tasty. They also just happen to be excellent for your memory as well.
  • Pumpkin Seeds and Almonds! Yay for nuts and seeds – snackable and sensible. Apparently studies were done that say these are the good stuff.
  • And of course, our brainy-looking friends, Broccoli! It’s green so it must be good….. Or it could also because it’s a great source of vitamin K which ‘enhances brain power.’

I will admit I did google all of those. I am much better at the less healthy options. But ALL of the  above will be mentally and emotionally supportive for you when it comes to getting through anything – be it class, uni, work or any other stresses that are weighing you down. Pull up a pillow, plonk yourself down and indulge in some good old snacking.

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