Student bloggers share: high school v.s. uni (Part II)

A few more of our student bloggers tell us what they consider to be the biggest difference between high school and uni. We’ve noticed there’s a theme of independence in these posts!



“Hey kids! School can be hard, boring, lonely and uncool for some of you guys out there. It was sometimes for student blogger Imogen, but you’ll be excited to hear that in uni, life’s a beach if you want it to be. Life sure is swell when you only have classes Monday- Thursday and every weekend is a long weekend (my current uni timetable)! Think mid week cafe feeds, trips to the sunny coast and sleeping in. You can even watch lectures online in your own bed if you need (or want) to! How groovy does uni sound?”

Imogen - Copy


Laura“I was never that eager to be starting back at school after a summer holiday of sun, surf and sleeeeep. I think my begrudging response was largely because school meant a lack of freedom, such as having to wear a uniform and spend my time slaving over subjects like math which I had no interest and skill in. How the times have changed, here I am already back at uni over a month early and super keen for the subjects I’m doing this semester (not just for greater access to the ‘Lolly Shop’s’ raspberries I’m scoffing in this picture).”

laura sammon



“At university, there is no-one telling you to work, so study something you care about! The easiest way to stay focused is to enjoy the content!”



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