Student bloggers share: high school v.s. uni (Part I)

Some of our student bloggers share what they feel is the biggest difference between high school and university. Do any of these surprise you?


Maddie found that the biggest difference between high school and university is a greater sense of inspiration. Assignments aren’t always easy, but they’re a little easier when you love what you’re writing about.


MelMelissa Cameron

“I never quite noticed how much I relied on having my assessment drafts marked until I made it to university. After all, I had made it through all of primary school and high school receiving so much feedback on my drafts that when I first got to university, I struggled quite a bit with not knowing which direction my assignments were heading in. But I kept on writing first drafts and second drafts anyway. As time went by, not having feedback on my drafts became less and less scary, and by the end of university I was much more confident in my work than I ever was in high school.”



Sara has found that a big difference between uni and high school is organisation. While studying over multiple campuses, the last thing she wants is for her mind to be all over the place!


Jason finds he has to read a LOT more at uni than he ever had to at school, but he also gets to study what he’s passionate about.

Jason - High school vs uni


Let us know in the comments what you think is the biggest difference between high school and university!

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