Creating a Teacher. Becoming an Artist.

Someone asked me recently a simple but seemingly complex question: what made me want to be a teacher? I wasn’t sure how to answer. How do you describe something that you feel you have an intrinsic connection to? Well, I may not be able to put my finger on what made me want to be a teacher, but having finished my second year of my Bachelor of Education (Primary) degree, I now know what I’m looking forward to achieving as soon as I step into my first classroom.


Across the last two years I have learnt just how many options are available to teachers, both creatively and professionally. The closest thing I can assimilate teaching to is the creative arts. Over the last two years, we have been given a plethora of information from which we can create what is known as our own pedagogy. Pedagogy is the choices we make as teachers that best serve not only the students, but us as teachers. There is no hard and fast rule about what choices should be made when creating and developing our own pedagogy – short of the obvious regulations.

QUT has given me the opportunity to create my pedagogy. To create lessons. To create resources. To create inquisitive students. To create a tapestry of cross-curricula connections. And most of all, to create an amazing career.


The Bachelor of Education, either secondary or primary, fills your head with options. Like an artist who wants to choose the perfect shade of blue to paint the sky. Like a dancer who wants to choreograph the perfect move to invoke the deepest of feelings. Like a sculptor who wants to refine an art piece to life-like perfection. Teaching will be my artwork. As art inspires the masses, my goal is to become a teacher that changes the world.

You can do that too.

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    You forgot Early Childhood Education! A very important part of the schooling journey of the children that you will teach in the older primary and secondary years.

    Early Childhood is often discounted and overlooked, which is a real shame.

    Everything that has been said in this blog piece rings true for EC as well, considering that the majority of placements that EC students go on are in a schooling setting I am disappointed that only Primary and Secondary have been mentioned.

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