Business Degree at QUT- Make the Most of it

It’s a cliché to say that you only get out what you put in, but when it comes to a business degree at QUT, nothing could be more true. A lot of students’ main focus is the job they hope to get when they graduate, and why wouldn’t it be? Most people go to uni to get a particular desired job at the end, right? Having a future goal is a great source of motivation, but sometimes thinking about the future too much can distract from the present. QUT business is all about making the most of the resources you have at uni, while you’re at uni, to make sure you are competitive when you graduate. Here’s how you make the most of a business degree.

Step 1: Choose the major that interests YOU

Studying business at QUT is great because you have a wide range of areas you can specialize in. The majors include accountancy, advertising, economics, finance, human resource management, international business, management, marketing, and public relations.bus 1One thing to keep in mind, in particular for first-years, is that it’s okay to change majors. I started my degree as advertising major, but in my first semester I discovered economics and became deeply interested in it. By second semester I was an economics major. The QUT staff were really helpful and made the process super easy for me. Don’t feel that there’s no room to move. Make sure you’re studying something that you’re passionate about.

Step 2: Join clubs and societies

Not only do they throw great shindigs, but clubs and societies are also a great way to get to know other people in your major, and potentially make life-long connections. The people you hang out with now may be your colleagues in the future. Clubs and societies also make it a lot easier for you to connect with real world professionals through their networking events. Some of the business societies include EFS (economics and finance), AMPED (advertising, marketing, and public relations), QUTASA (accountancy), and BAMSA (business and management).

bus 2Step 3: Apply for internships

Internships will definitely make your resume stand out, and make you more competitive when you graduate from uni. The Real World Placement Program is a good place to start when looking for an internship, as they facilitate the process for you. It’s even possible to claim credit towards your degree for internships you do through Workplace Integrated Learning.

bus 3Step 4: Get a mentor

A mentor is someone who is there to provide professional advice to help you continue on the right track towards your goals. You might already have a mentor. They might be a previous teacher, work colleague, sporting coach- the list goes on. But guess what, QUT has a program for mentors too. It’s called the Career Mentor Program. I applied for this program and was matched up with a real-world mentor who works in the field of economics. Sometimes it can be a bit intimidating having someone who’s achieved so much asking you about what you want to do with your life, especially if you don’t really know the answer to that yourself. But that’s not necessarily a bad thing. I feel it’s that very feeling that helps me keep moving and striving to be the best I can be, and make the most of every opportunity that’s presented to me.

bus 4Challenge yourself. Take every opportunity that QUT gives to you (and trust me, there are a lot) and make the most of them. Always try to keep moving along your career path, even though you make not know which direction it’s in exactly. The more you do at uni, the more competitive you’ll be on the outside, so make the most of your time at QUT.

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    Sai Sitt

    What a nice article. Thanks Sara. I’m from Myanmar thinking to attend master of business in 2016.

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