The Final Push

quoteThis is it. The final push. Those last few weeks of the school year when you just want to stop work and be on holidays. For the grade twelves out there, this is the last few weeks of school you’ll ever have. Then you might be off on a gap year, or to university or something else exciting! But just before I leave school, I want to reflect on the time at high school, and what the future might hold.

In these last few weeks of school I’ve been feeling all sorts of emotions –  excited for graduation, stress over assessment, and a huge sense of relief. The closer I get to the end, the more I look back on my journey to this point. I think we can all remember our first day of high school, and how terrifying and different it was to primary school. We were just at the top of school, and now we are back at the bottom of the food chain. But we all got through he first year and went onto the next.

Grade 9, you didn’t get lost so much! The assessment picked up, and you probably would have felt stress about school work for the first time. It was also when new friendships were made and some were lost, and you might have had your first girlfriend or boyfriend (it happened, don’t lie).

Then grade 10 comes along, half way there! Grade 10 was when everyone took a huge step in growing up, and started having parties, having more relationships and even getting jobs! Grade 10 was a pivotal step in your high school career, since it’s when your probably started thinking seriously about where you wanted to be after school.

The Beginning of the End, Grade 11. This was when school work started to count towards our final OP or IB score, and assignments weren’t so easy. It was also when a lot you probably started driving on your L’s, and gaining more independence, and when you started to consider the university course you wanted to do after school!

Finally, senior year arrived. You’ve made some mistakes, but since grade 8 you’ve come a long way and things have changed. You know the ins and outs of your school, where the best places to sit are, how to stay organised and finish all your assessment on time. Grade 12 is also when you or a friend get their P’s! No more bus to and from school for you. Along your senior year, you’ve probably seen little grade 8’s looking up to you, because you did the same. Now, finally in the last few weeks of assessment, here you are. The top of the school and about to graduate. Then what?

Then the real world hits, you might have bills to pay or you start paying your parents for board. You’ll also need to figure out how to pay for uni or TAFE or find a job for the Gap Year you’ll be taking. Over the next year you’ll also become an adult, and be able to vote and make your own decisions. This might all sounds scary, but the great news is that you’ll have freedom. Just don’t forget the skills you’ve learned in high school!

Also, please be safe at schoolies so you can enjoy that freedom!

Good luck and cheers to the class of 2015!

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