Getting the right fit.

When it comes to enrolling in a Uni course there are a lot of different voices to listen to, opinions to read and thoughts to sort out. It can get really confusing and people can be really convincing or negative about different courses and what they think suits you.

What you can do is check out and speak to the following:


Who can help me decide….?

They’re the usual resources right? Yes. But a lot of the time you get TOO MUCH information, or information that doesn’t feel relevant to you, or hard to really comprehend, I mean, when I was in grade 12 I didn’t really understand what the course outline was telling me – what were credit points and grade point averages and how do the percentages work?!

What I found helped me the most was

  • Actually speaking to a student in the course that I was interested in (Bachelor of Design: interior design)
  • And reflecting (sounds corny I know) on what I was good at: art and English.

Speaking to current students is actually a lot easier than you think – You’ve got Open Day which just passed but there are always other avenues. QUT sends students to visit schools throughout the year and chat to grades 11 & 12, functions are always being held, know a friend of a friend of a sibling who’s at uni – get in contact!


Talk to someone who can share their experience!

I still ended up not enjoying my course and how it changed after first year so I sat down and thought ok, I have tried a relatively artistic course and it isn’t for me, how about I focus on my other strength, English, and do a communications course?

Mass Communication majoring in Public Relations and Journalism was the next option. I started out reading the course outline. I loved the sound of public relations and was certain that it would be perfect for me, ignoring the fact that I actually HATED public speaking. And I wasn’t 100% sold on journalism, knowing that I preferred creative writing over analytical styles.

And surprise surprise, my whole opinion has changed. I am not really enjoying public relations – it’s very businessey, which I never enjoyed in high school – and I am absolutely loving journalism – it gives you rough guidelines and a whole lot of freedom to create your own work and go out and speak to people about topics you’re interested in – which I absolutely loved doing at school.

I ignored what I was good at in favour of what sounded better in the outline. I listened to people when they said that “oh journalism is a tough game!” or “you’d be great at PR!” and based my choices on those. But your biggest indicator of what you’ll enjoy and what you’re good at is YOU.

Definitely look at your course guide, outlines, talk to counsellors and peers, but also listen to yourself, make sure you get accurate opinions on the course from students who actually study it and ask yourself, is this the best fit for me?

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    Can you Help me in apply the study visa if you can yes then reply otherwise as you wish my dear

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      Hi there Shahan,

      You can find all the information you need about applying to study at QUT here:

      If you have further questions, our international department is best placed to help you. Please contact them at

      All the best,
      The QUT Social Media Team

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