START QUT hookThis is a PSA to all grade 11 students that are heading into grade 12 next year, and plan to go to university. You have the chance to experience what university is like a year early. That’s right! While you’re doing grade 12, you can go to university as well and see what it’s all about using the START QUT Program. This has a few pros and cons, but the experience is worth it! The requirements for getting into the scholarship can be found here.

I’ve gotten in contact with some of the START QUT Students from this year, and found some interesting statistics I want to share with future START QUT students!

graph1graph2 graph3100% of students said they would recommend the program to their friends/other students

I cannot stress this enough, doing START QUT is an experience that will really make you feel at ease when you start any university next year. If I haven’t been enough to convince you, it isn’t just me who thinks this program is awesome. These are opinions of two current START QUT students:

The START QUT program has been an amazing program for me.You are solely responsible for yourself, whether it be attending class, completing the class work and doing the assignment. This experience has been absolutely perfect as it gave me a breather once a week from being “just another year 12 student”. It was so nice to get out and enjoy a subject not offered at school. – Anonymous

START QUT was everything that I could have hoped for and more. It has made me even more excited to finish school and go to University because I know exactly what I’m in for! Whilst University is a lot of work, the best way to stay on top of all the work is to motivate yourself to go to the lectures and tutes, and do anything else that your lecturer or tutor wants you to do. Overall, I think START QUT is the best way to slowly immerse yourself into University life, making graduation seem not so terrifying and uncertain! – Anonymous

You can find out the difference between high school and university, and even get a head start on the degree you plan to go into. Or, you could save yourself some time and money by finding out the degree you want to do is not what you thought it was going to be. Either way, you’ll be glad you tried START QUT. So go and apply, and take the first step in your journey to uni.

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