I’m starting university next year, how can I make it easier?

FiguresNow seems like a fantastic time to write to those of you in year 12 who are going to start university next year. I say “are” instead of “might” because the glass is always half full. You know you’re going to do well on the QCS test and you’re going to put the effort into your subjects to do the best you can. Why? Because you want to be successful in life. You have goals and dreams and only hard work and dedication are going to get you there.

Getting to university is only a small step in your bigger plan, however to set yourself up well for your first year and beyond, I have some tips to make life easier!

Think outside the box in high school

This links to the point I made above about putting in the effort in school. University study is slightly different to school study, mainly because for some units you have to create your own learning resources besides using lecture notes. This makes you independent. While you’re in school, if you can think outside the box and create study material that is going to make learning easier for you, such as diagrams, it’s going to make the first year of university easier because you will already have this skill. Creating good study habits will not only help you now, but being proactive about your learning is something you can take with you anywhere.

Join a guild club

At university there are many different clubs you can join. There is even a Quidditch club! You can check out all the categories here. In first year there is a good chance you aren’t going to know many people, if anyone (unless you and your friends all decide to do the same course, which doesn’t always work). By joining a club you can meet lots of people at different events and may even come across people in your course.

Turn up to your classes and talk to new people

In first year there is a chance you’ll have units unrelated to your specific course profession. A lot of students think this means they don’t have to bother attending any classes. I would suggest trying to go to as many as possible. Why you might ask? I’m glad you asked. There are many units, such as chemistry for example (I strongly disliked chemistry), where you have assignments and practical reports to do, on top of exams. If you can make friends in these classes, you can help each other out. The more help you get = the more chance of doing well.

Plan plan plan!

This is another good habit you can start now if you haven’t already done so. Planning can also be your friend. If you know what you need to do in the near future and when you’re going to do it, your life will be easier. Create a study plan for the QCS test of what you’re going to study and when. Once you get to university, you can use this new found skill to better plan when to work on assignments, practical reports etc. You could be like many university students and start an assignment the night before it’s due. If you want to keep your sanity I’d recommend not doing this.

You’re now set to be successful in your studies and in life!

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    my no 1 tip when starting uni – go to a connect session. they are fantastic. you’ll make friends and get the lowdown on uni and even a campus tour. well worth the time

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