Ten things you learn about yourself when you start uni:

1.       What kind of a study-er you are: school is one thing, but uni tests your motivation, procrastination and dedication. I, for example, found out I am NOT a study-er. I can’t sit down and study. If I don’t actively learn throughout the semester it means a whooole lot of OMG when it comes time for exams. So I chose a course that doesn’t have a lot of exams 😛

2.       How thrifty you are: money will always be a blessing and a curse. Yay I’ve got money for food! But I also could just duck into the city and buy all of those unnecessary things…. I don’t need to eat- I need shoes! (Laura and I have made a Monday ritual of going to Lush in the city… we have no money – but we smell fabulous. That is a good exchange right?)

3.       How you behave without sleep: Netflix… I mean… Lots of studying throughout the night means you’ll have less and less sleep toward end of semester. You start to notice your dependency on coffee, you’re more susceptible to Hangry outbursts (see the snickers ad) and you make peace with the ever-darkening bags under your eyes.

4.       What your priorities are: there isn’t a right or wrong – as long as everything ends up completed then you’re winning. So season 2 of Orange is the New Black is completed (I’m winning!) I guess I’ll have a look at that assignment that’s due tomorrow….


5.       What kind of coffee drinker you are: are you a sipper? A wait-until-it’s-cold-because-i-got-distracted drinker? Or a hard-core skull-er because ain’t nobody got time to dawdle – GIVE ME CAFFEINE.

6.       Your patience limit: trying to find a park? Waiting in the Assignment-Minder line (to hand in the assignment that’s due in an hour SO IF THE LINE COULD HURRY UP THAT WOULD BE GREAT)? Trying to find a computer in the library? The loop bus is late – I might actually have to walk…? Yeah. You’ll find out if you’re a pacer, a mutter-er, a sulker or a calm everything-happens-when-it-happens waiter.

7.       Appearance awareness: Week 1 semester 1 – I won’t ever wear thongs to uni, nope, not for me, I like my toes to be hidden and safe and warm. Week 3 Semester 1 – LOL thongs erryday. Oh and I’ve worn these jeans four days in a row… so what?

8.       Baggage limits: computer, spare shoes, band aids, tissues, deodorant, 3 different types of chargers, fooooooood, two water bottles, a jumper, maybe even a scarf, iPod, iPad, car keys, house keys, work keys, all the keys, wallet with a billion-and-three coffee loyalty cards all with one stamp on them, a book in case I get bored, study materials – pencil case, notebooks, text books, other irrelevant stuff you think you might need but never will like a staple remover, or a hole punch … invest in a big bag.

9.       Your thirst for travel: I don’t know why but there is something about uni that makes you that much more motivated to leave Australia for a while. I love uni don’t get me wrong. But I also happen to know the price of flights to Amsterdam, Italy, Prague, France and Japan and I happen to have many plans for not going to that lecture and talking to a trip adviser.

10.       Posture: I’m slouching again… I should move and straighten my back… I should actually put my shoulders back… I should… nah, can’t be bothered, I’ll live – no pain no gain!


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