Having a Ball at a Uni Ball

So I had to go to the Doctor’s this week after injuring my foot. Her notes read as follows- ‘Fractured metatarsals. Extensive bruising to foot after lots of dancing, fun and high heels on Friday night. Can’t recall specific cause of injury.’

This will be my legacy of the 2015 Vena Cava ball and hopefully the carving on my grave stone.

The last time I attended a black tie function was my grade 12 formal three years ago. Somehow it feels longer. Probably because it had been the main (if not only) topic of conversation gossiped among the girls in my grade for at least a year prior.’What colour dress are you wearing? Who’s your date? Where are you getting your makeup done? Are you riding in on an parade of glammed out elephants or just getting a limo? Indian elephants or African elephants ? We were positively bubbling with enough adolescent eagerness to shut down a One Direction concert in its glory days (we will miss you Zayn). One could say I have mixed feelings thinking back on what was supposed to be such a ‘big life moment’, the pedestal event to cling to like a life raft of hope during my fragile teen years. You see, I had this kind of weird teased up-do and a ‘poofy’ dress, my date had to be escorted from the after-party in an ambulance and perhaps most mixed of all, ‘Thrift Shop’ was the big sing along song of the moment … I think the DJ also told us to ‘put our hands up’ at one point too.

Laura smiling in the face of defeat at her grade 12 formal

However I was not broken by this experience. I would recover. I would rebuild. I am wiser now, older and with a better command of fashion. I would rise like a phoenix in a blazing fire of amazing hair and high heels ! I would rise like a phoenix from the ashes of my grade 12 formal and claim the glory that was rightfully mine ! I would go on to attend a uni ball and I would absolutely SLAY IT AND HAVE A REALLY GOOD TIME OK, A REALLY GOOD TIME  !

Laura having a ball at the Vena Cava Ball

Armed with my buddy (fellow ambassador Amelia) as my date for the evening, we set off on a journey to make this event our crowning glory. What better way to do that than by attending the ball of a faculty we don’t even study in ? Vena Cava is QUT’s resident Drama society and although neither Amelia or I study Drama, we are both members as a social/creative outlet (and also because we liked the shirts). The ball’s organisation was championed by another Digital Ambassador Maddie, who is a very talented lady also holding down the role as Vena Cava’s Front of House Manager.

The Ball Squad on selfie 40/120

The Ball Squad on selfie 40/120

The venue was stunning a marquee underneath the Kangaroo Point Cliffs overlooking the sparkling Brisbane river (that actually looks really pretty under the city lights and not at all polluted). The food was much better than most chicken/fish drops I’ve come to expect, a BBQ buffet dinner (I should have brought a bigger purse to smuggle out bread rolls and kebabs). For music we were entertained by dance floor classics Beyonce and vintage Black Eyed Peas, as well as live music from Brisbane based band Youth Allowance. Everyone looked absolutely stunning in their formal wear. It was a great chance to meet new people over aggressively competitive dance offs and catch up with friends I haven’t had the chance to talk to in ages. Congratulations Maddie, you should be super proud of the event!

It would have been the perfect night if it ended there… however my super high heels and the disillusion that I am a good dancer could simply not let that happen. My patent leather peep toes have now been replaced by a rather glamorous Moonboot that ‘lucky me’ I get to wear for three weeks. While I still walked out of the venue a dignified woman, waking up the next morning to a badly bruised and swollen foot was a bit of a shock. Turns out the tango is not a suitable accompaniment to Spice Girls tunes and synthetic grass.

Glamour Footwear

Glamour Footwear

So I may have broken a foot. So I lost a dance off competition. So my skin is now streaked brown and white like a strangely tan zebra.  So my funds are tragically depleted. So I have a stunning ball gown that I have nowhere fancy enough to wear… In spite of it all, feel these are all signs pointing towards a conclusion that I had a rather swell time at my first uni ball.

If you ever have the opportunity to attend a uni ball I definitely suggest you go, if for nothing else than the coming of age moment of your student life. Though hopefully you won’t break your foot.

Fun Tip: Listen to your mother and bring a spare pair of flip flops.

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