Habits of Mindlessness…

Bad habits. We all have them, but mine seem to be a tad excessive – and they seem to have grown in number throughout my time at uni. Particularly when I stay up late watching YouTube videos of bad talent show auditions… and I just know I’ll regret the next morning…

Okay. So one of my other habits? Talking too much. I’m a Drama student. It’s what we do.

University has challenged me, driven me and undoubtedly provided me with a number of opportunities from which to grow and excel. It has also encouraged a wide range of habits – both good and bad – and it is these, I find, that define me most as I trudge through the sludge of third-year.

So, in typical ‘oversharing drama student’ fashion, I thought I would expose all my worst blessed-by-uni habits for your entertainment. You’re welcome.


  1. I can’t help but see a word count in every text message.
  2. I start thinking in Times New Roman 12-point with 2.5cm margins.
  3. I have blurred the lines somewhat between pyjama pants and acceptable uni attire.
  4. On my drive to uni, I like to drive up the torturous Kelvin Grove Hill of Doom (KGHOD) and laugh maniacally at the poor souls struggling to get to the Shuttle Bus. I’m not sorry.
  5. I am most definitely THAT PERSON. You know. The one who brings delicious-smelling hot chips into the library and refuses to share? You hate me. It’s worth it.
  6. I spend more time taking ugly Snapchats than I do working on assignments.
  7. I sit at the phone-charging stations and charge my phone… to take more ugly Snapchats and avoid working on assignments.
  8. I have an audible reaction when using the automatic stapling machines in the library.*

Other bad habits include: accidentally arriving an hour early to a tutorial and taking dumb selfies to pass the time…

But never fear, fellow students and prospective university attendees! Not all hope is lost! University has given me some wonderful habits, too!


  1. I have perfected the Late Lecture Entry act, complete with awkward shuffling feet and a sheepish smile.
  2. I always go to the upper levels of the library to print, thus avoiding the last-minute assignment-submission rush downstairs near Assignment Minder at KG.
  3. I ALWAYS have two pens in my bag for lectures. I’ll forget a book. But. I have pens. That’s worth half a point at least. Right?
  4. I’ve learnt about all the shortcuts to take when getting around the Kelvin Grove campus
  5. I blur the lines between pyjama pants and acceptable uni attire, thus enhancing lecture comfort points to a solid 10.5/10 result.
  6. I pull an all-nighter in the 24hr Lab a week or so before an assignment is due. The adrenaline kicks in, and the vending machines are right outside for refuelling. What better way to motivate myself and produce quality assessment items?
  7. I make friends with the Security Guards on campus. I smiled at one last week, and he helped me parallel park just yesterday. Legend. It pays to be polite, folks!
  8. I have an audible reaction when using the automatic stapling machines in the library.*


If you’re considering uni and you’re unsure if uni is the place for you, take comfort in the knowledge that they let me in. I don’t know how and I certainly don’t know why… but they did. And if I can make it to third year displaying such bizarre and concerning habits, I have no doubt that you can do it, too.

Let me know if you have any uni-related habits to share in the comments below!

*Imagine the screaming goats meme, but scarier and echoing through an otherwise silent library…

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