What’s So Good About Clouds Anyway??

It was brisk morning, early May this year. I was feeling exceedingly proud of myself because it was, the first time in my academic history that I was way ahead of the game on a lengthily worded assignment. Actually, I don’t think ‘proud’ really cut it – I was fully up myself. So, I followed the standard process, I hit SAVE, I walk away to grab a coffee, and check which friends could indulge me in a self-celebratory beverage. Hoorah.

I come home, still up myself, and open my laptop to indulge in a little bit of Netflix! Who doesn’t? Thought #1: ‘Does my laptop usually take this long to load? Totally should have kept it to two pints!!’ Thought #2: ‘What’s that weird ticking sound? Totally should have kept it to one pint!’

(Move ahead an hour) Realisation: ‘MY LAPTOP IS DEAD! I HAVEN’T BACKED UP FOR AGES!’

We’ve all been there, albeit if only having lost a few desktop files, and some photos of your 2nd niece’s cousin’s dog’s christening, but what if it were all your Uni files? Well it turns out – for me – nothing could be done. Nothing was salvageable. No amount of pleading, begging, apologising to TRON the GOD of DATA was going to do it.

So, with a heavy heart, I moved on, and researched a few FREE and VERY COMMONLY used options that would prevent this tragedy from revisiting my relatively tragedy-free life:
1. QUT H DRIVE: 5GB data storage backed up daily with a 90 day recovery option if you accidentally delete something. Also accessible from any one of the Uni computers, home computers, laptops etc.!!
2. www.dropbox.com: 2GB FREE data storage (more if you pay). Safe, but cumbersome. Has an app that you can use to upload, share and download files from various devices.
NOW here comes the champion of all cloud based storage solutions:
3. Google Drive: 15GB FREE data storage, and access to online Microsoft Office programs, Adobe CS programs and a whole lot more. Unlike Dropbox, you can share with others who don’t have an account with the provider, and all this without taking out the South East corner of QLD.

My advice, store and backup your files across a couple of clouds, and/or on an external hard drive. It happens, it’s painful and it’s common, and like Sylvester Stallone said to his plastic surgeon, ‘that could never happen to me!’ … but it did, didn’t it? It happened. And now look!! That’s what’s so good about clouds!Clouds Blog

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