Is university for me?

Untitled-1You’re in year 12 or even year 11 and almost half way through the year and you’re thinking, “Is university going to be for me?” Don’t worry because you’re not alone! The same thoughts went through my head in year 12 and during my Diploma of Fitness. Will I be able to do the work? How hard will it be? Will I find it enjoyable? These are normal questions to ask and are the right ones to ask.

I should stress each course can have a different number of contact hours. For example most health science courses, such as podiatry, have more than 12 contact hours a week.

Within these contact hours there will always be help available from lecturers and tutors. There is also help available from student support services.  It’s also great to make new friends in your units because you can help each other.

At this stage of school you might have decided you want to go to uni, have an idea of what it’s like, but you aren’t too sure what to study.

QUT has a Match My Skills quiz which takes 5-10 minutes to complete and lists courses you might be interested in based on your answers. I wish something like this existed back when I was in high school so it’s certainly worth a go. It might even give you ideas to help you explore your other interests.

If you’re in year 11 or 12 and want to get into a health science profession and want to get an idea of what you learn in the various degrees, then Pulse on anatomy may be for you. By attending the Gardens Point campus you can undertake different modules in anatomy and physiology. This can be a great way to find out what university life is like as a health science student.

Finally, there are always people you can talk to about making decisions. There will be guidance officers at your school and also people at universities who can offer advice to help you decide if university is for you and what your options are.

I was unsure before I started uni so it really helped talking to people with knowledge about my fields of interest. If you can, email or communicate with someone in a profession you’re interested in and ask about their experiences.

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