Habits of Mindlessness…

Bad habits. We all have them, but mine seem to be a tad excessive – and they seem to have grown in number throughout my time at uni. Particularly when I stay up late watching YouTube videos of bad talent show auditions… and I just know I’ll regret the next morning… Read more

What’s So Good About Clouds Anyway??

It was brisk morning, early May this year. I was feeling exceedingly proud of myself because it was, the first time in my academic history that I was way ahead of the game on a lengthily worded assignment. Actually, I don’t think ‘proud’ really cut it – I was fully up myself. So, I followed the standard process, I hit SAVE, I walk away to grab a coffee, and check which friends could indulge me in a self-celebratory beverage. Hoorah. Read more

Is university for me?

Untitled-1You’re in year 12 or even year 11 and almost half way through the year and you’re thinking, “Is university going to be for me?” Don’t worry because you’re not alone! The same thoughts went through my head in year 12 and during my Diploma of Fitness. Will I be able to do the work? How hard will it be? Will I find it enjoyable? These are normal questions to ask and are the right ones to ask.

Read more