bean around campus?

Coffee is good. Tea is good too. But coffee is the warm sunglow that oozes through my nostrils.

As such, I’ve compiled a comprehensive list of the cafés located at QUT’s Gardens Point campus, and their associated location, cost, bean and opening hour information to assist you in your coffee choosing. I’ve also included is Brendan’s on the Bridge because a fan insisted, and because a barista may just make your day.

From said fan source:

“Well, this is the story that he told me. He saw one of his regulars come in during exam time. And he said, ‘Hey, aren’t you going to be late for your exam?’ And this guy thought his exam was later in the day, but it WASN’T. And this – this means that not only does Brendan know what his customers study, but when their exams are.”

Very astute, oh fan of Brendan’s. A barista that knows your needs may just save you from failing an exam. Or smile amiably in your direction which is also very nice.



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The opening hours for our earliest and latest studious students on campus.

QUT Gardens Point coffee opening hours

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And a coffee map, mainly for those out of the way locations in the Botanic Gardens.

GP coffee map


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  1. Avatar

    This is amazing! How can we entice you to come to Kelvin Grove and do the same?

    • Avatar

      Thank you! I definitely wanted to come to do a part 2 at Kelvin Grove but my knowledge of the coffee spots there are limited.

  2. Avatar
    Katarina Tyas

    Love Artisans Mocha. Aside from the taste of chocolate which is not too sweet, the location is pretty strategic as when you just arrive going inside B Block, you can see this cafe.
    Looking at the other students’ comments on FB, I would like to try Campos.

    • Avatar

      Definitely some places are easier access than others, but if you’re willing to walk there’s a map included.

  3. Avatar

    Love Brendan’s on the Bridge. It’s my favourite spot for Gardens Point. He knows my inner-city coffee order back to front to the degree when he sees me he starts making it! Also have a soft spot for Artisans behind B block, their food is amazing and the prices are more reasonable.

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