Finding Work

It’s a little bit scary to think about it, but this year is my final year of university. I don’t know how I feel about this because while a part of me kind of wants to graduate, the other part of me kind of wants to stay for a while longer. One thing I do know is that with university getting closer and closer to the end, I’ve really needed to find casual work so that I can finish the year with some sense of support behind me. To be honest, I’ve been trying to find a job since I left high school in 2012, and it was no easy task. But now, I’ve finally been successful in this adventure and because these things helped me out a lot when it came to getting the position, I thought that I would share the advice with all of you. Read more

The Five Stages of Graduating

Progressing through university, the widely accepted and promoted mentality is “I can’t wait to finish”, “4/3/2/1 more years to go”, “Can’t wait until I’m done!” etc. There may be feelings of relief and pride that come with graduation, but there is also one slightly confusing feeling that no one warns you about: grief. I can vouch for that. Now, either I am a rare breed of nerd OR this is something others may be struggling with… the struggle is real in the real world (I’ll get my coat). Read more