How to live life (survive) on a student budget: Part 4

With uni finished for the semester and for some of us forevaaaa, it’s high time we start learning how to be adults. Or, at least, learn how to pretend we’re adults. “Adults” being those weird far-away specimens that can be found in their natural habitat doing adult-like stuff, you know, running errands, hitting up Coles and Woolies, banking cheques (livin the dream).

Part of filling the “adult” mould includes hosting fabulous wine and cheese parties (or just cheese parties, cause who really needs wine when there’s cheese involved) and properly cooking and sitting down to dinner instead of scoffing a two minute noodle pack in bed… in bed… upside down… while binge watching the latest season of Orange is the New Black (some of us may need to work harder than others to nix these bad “adolescent” habits).

What these “adult” responsibilities have in common is having something to sit/lie/eat off/lounge on. And no, a single bed does not count as a place to do all of these things. As an adult-in-training, I know that a key component of being an adult is having grownup and productive hobbies such as the furnishing of one’s humble abode.

While most “adults” and “adults-in-training” turn to IKEA for budget furnishings, us students have to dig a little deeper.

“Furniture cheaper than IKEA?,” you ask incredulously… “What is it… free?,” you ask sarcastically.

Well, joke’s on you my friend because yes, yes it is. Enter the humble crate shelf.

crateshelf2 crateshelf1

How to craft one of your very own? It’s simples! Just collect around nine abandoned (stress: abandoned, not owned… this is crucial, my friends) milk crates and pile them on top of each other in a combo that suits your living space (3×3, 2×4- play around, it’s up to you). Fasten with zip ties and voila you have yourself a dirt-cheap shelf on which to store all of your important uni books.

Side-note: these also make great chairs (you know, a la hipster coffee house). You’re totally imagining my apartment right now, aren’t you? Yes, I am a crazy crate-fanatic living in a crate-world. Crate’s everywhere. Sit on a crate, eat off a crate, store in a crate, sleep on a crate (actually not yet on this one but soon, my friends, soon- the wooden pallet bed).

So, folks, we’ve accomplished two worthy tasks in one blog: how to stick to a restrictive student budget AND how to be an adult. The next step is to actually learn to enjoy and have fun doing dry tasks such as furnishing, gardening and washing. Accomplish that and you’re pretty much eligible to move on to stage three, driving the kids around in your sedan (yeah, I’m going to stick with stage two for now). Boy, being an adult is fun.

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