Advice from a graduate

Well, here I am, I’ve finally graduated from a Bachelor of Business majoring in Public Relations (with a Marketing 2nd major). What a journey these past 4 years have been!  I managed to complete my personal goal of graduating with a GPA of 6 which felt so good to accomplish! I feel like I’ve really grown personally and professionally throughout my time here at QUT and I think I’m ready to take on the real world (even though I don’t have a job yet, but that will happen next year when I come back from a well-deserved holiday to Europe).

This will be my last ever blog *sniffle*, so I thought I’d give you some advice that I wish I had when I first started uni.

I’m so excited to become a real adult with a real job!

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How to live life (survive) on a student budget: Part 4

With uni finished for the semester and for some of us forevaaaa, it’s high time we start learning how to be adults. Or, at least, learn how to pretend we’re adults. “Adults” being those weird far-away specimens that can be found in their natural habitat doing adult-like stuff, you know, running errands, hitting up Coles and Woolies, banking cheques (livin the dream). Read more