How to not stress during exam time

Grumpy-Cat-Disturbed-From-Its-Sleep-Funny-PicThese are some useful tips to help you stay sane during exam time and to reduce stress with a slice of humour.

Get a good night’s sleep

You may consider yourself someone who can get away with less than five hours sleep, but looking like a zombie every day is only going to get you strange looks on public transport like you should be on The Walking Dead. No matter how much study you have you should always have time for sleep. If you don’t then you aren’t organised and it’s time to create a plan of attack in order to be.


Physical activity time

You don’t have to do a cross fit session or a marathon, triathlon, pentathlon, tetrathlon or quadrathlon to stay active. Simply going for a walk can help you de-stress. Exercise can also improve brain function and may improve memory. The more you move the more you’ll remember for the exam. Alternatively, you could purposely be late to all your classes/exams so you have to run to make it on time.


Eat proper food

Two minute noodles will only get you so far. Being a student can be hard when it comes to saving money but proper nutrition, or at least some proper nutrition is going to make you feel better and your arteries will thank you. Fruit and vegetables should be your friends and in this case eating your friends is good for you.  On exam day you should have a proper breakfast which doesn’t consist of noodles or fast food.

MjAxMy1jYWU4NDM1YzAyNzkyYThiPlan your day

Create a list of study things you want to do for the day and cross them off as you do them. It’s much easier to get things done with a list as it makes it real rather than having it in your head. If you’re really extreme you could even make a study timetable 3-4 weeks ahead. By planning you are less likely to end up looking like this:


Laugh at stuff

At the end of the day, it may seem like life and death but there is more to life than university. If you start treating your study like it’s going to save the human race from a zombie apocalypse then you might be studying too hard. I for one would probably find a zombie apocalypse more entertaining than a lecture so if you are trying to save the human race, stop now. If you can’t find something to laugh about while at university then you’re not trying hard enough.


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