Uni Footwear: A story of betrayal.


I made a pact with myself; I would never wear thongs to Uni. Uni was about being hip, cool and trendy. Thongs didn’t fit into that brief. Thongs didn’t even fit into the brief of being an actual shoe. They’re more like partial shoes, or foot underwear. And I told myself “Sara, you will not be seen in public wearing thongs.” And I kept that promise, for almost an entire year.

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My Uni bag is trying to kill me !

Stress can bring out somewhat extreme tendencies in us. Or rather, it can make perfectly ordinarily pre-existing qualities somewhat… dramatic ? For instance, I am someone who gets so wrapped up attending to the pageantry and socio-political crisis occurring between waring fractions in ‘Laura Land’, that I can be truly oblivious to general everyday care and organisation. This can be quite endearing. For example, going through a whole day without realising that I had taken beauty pointers from ‘The Joker’ and spread dark red lipstick all across my cheek like war paint. (sidenote; why did nobody bother to tell me ? I ONLY NOTICED FROM THE GLARE OF MY COMPUTER SCREEN ! Do people just EXPECT these things of me now ?)


Exhibit A.

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Student Public Transport Life – Part 2


This is a follow up to my part 1 blog, which you can view here. Now that we are over 6 weeks into the semester it’s given us time to experience the joys of public transport with our fellow human’s so it only seems right to put those moments into another blog.

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