Student Public Transport Life – Part 1


Student public transport life – Part 1.

Part 1 because public transport is not dull enough just for one part.

As a student, life on public transport can be amusing, scary, weird, time consuming and frustrating. So I thought it’s only right to share our common feelings, because as a fifth year student who takes public transport, I’ve seen enough to know how we all feel. I’m sure many of you have experienced and witnessed these at some stage of your travels and if you haven’t – brace yourself.

Student moment #1 – The impatient button pusher

There is ALWAYS the person who presses the “open door” button on the train multiple times in the hope that it will not only stop the train while it’s moving, but also open immediately as the pusher of this button has no patience. This can also occur when crossing at traffic lights, as the impatient button pusher thinks that by pushing it repetitively the traffic will come to a stop instantly allowing them to have a clear path to their location. Bad news, this will not work, but patience will.

Student moment #2 – The suspicious of everyone button pusher

Following on from the impatient button pusher is the button pusher who pushes the button after clearly seeing someone else do it. This is due to that person not trusting that the original person pushed it correctly, and therefore they must push it themselves because it will not open if they don’t. This can also happen in groups of three where a third person does not trust the first two people who pushed it. I have found through my observations of these people in their natural train habitat that it’s best not to press the button for them, because even if they see you push it, they’ll think you pushed it incorrectly. The ‘suspicious of everyone button pusher’ thinks it’s utterly preposterous that someone would genuinely want to open the door for someone else.

Student moment #3 – Just missed the train/bus rage mode

There is nothing worse than getting to Roma Street station, or any station for that matter, fully excited to get home and celebrate a hard day of pretending to study, and seeing that your train or bus has just departed and you have to wait ages for the next one (especially trains). You want to throw something in rage, but know you’ll probably get arrested. Or, if you evade capture, your face will appear on those “wanted by police” pictures on the big LCD screens, forever known as that angry student who threw something. Doing actual study during this waiting period may calm your nerves and make you feel accomplished and justify your end of day celebratory feast.

On the flip side this could occur:

Run for the bus

Student moment #4 – The door way blocker

This occurs on both trains and buses. There is always that one person who is so desperate for a seat that they stand in the door way or in the passage way looking for the friendliest person to sit next to and stop everyone else from moving. My bag has got caught in a train door before because a man thought it was necessary to stand in the door way and scout for the perfect seat to set up base camp. Well sir believe it or not, other people exist in this world and they happen to not want to get stuck in the door nor be known as the person who got stuck in the door, like me.

At peak times in the morning at Roma Street station, buses are like rectangular sardine cans (I hate sardines) and there is always that one person who stands at the front of the bus and doesn’t feel the need to move down further so the other 15 people waiting can fit. Please, be a stand up citizen (pun intended) and move down further.

If you’ve had any amusing or annoying experiences, feel free to leave a comment and share 🙂

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