QUT Open Day = Stress-free!

I avoided TSXPO and Open Days for years, trying to calm my nerves by ignoring my impending graduation (makes sense, I know).


Me dodging responsibility circa 2011

Finally in my senior year, I cracked and headed to the QUT Open Day. I wish I’d done it sooner! My visit to QUT gave me the opportunity to chat with important people from the faculties I was interested in, and gather information at my own pace while still enjoying the day with friends. 110% Stress Free!

Here are my top three reasons QUT’s Open Day will be stress-free for you:

1. Friendly staff

In all areas of the university, staff members come together to help students (current and future) with their education, lifestyle and any problems they might encounter. Unlike in high school (where we all know that one teacher who is just counting the days to retirement), QUT staff love their jobs and are here to help you succeed!


To put it in LOLCAT terms, in the above image you are the adorable kitten, and QUT staff are represented by the human – here to help you learn and grow, and make sure you don’t chew through the TV cabling. High-five!

2. Students from the future

Such future, much wow

Wow. Okay, not really. What I mean is, there are plenty of helpful and approachable students on campus during Open Day, and you can chat to them about what to expect in your future at QUT. They’re already experiencing the course of your dreams, talk to them and gain an insider perspective! You can never have enough information when making decisions about university, and current students provide a different point of view to lecturers and tutors. Not only do they deal in information, but they will provide you with a swag of free stuff! Useful free stuff, like pens, planners and sneaky discount coupons!

3. Glorious grounds

QUT’s campuses all have a different feel to them, but one thing they have in common is comfort. Even just on Open Day, you’ll start to feel at home as you tour QUT and discover its hidden secrets – adorable cafes, study nooks, even candy shops! QUT isn’t just a place for studying, it’s an all-in-one package: there are social groups and sport teams to join, performances and Creative Industries events to enjoy, market stalls to barter at and so much more.

Market stalls at KG campus

Market stalls at KG campus

Make sure you come along to our Open Day on July 27th to soak up some campus culture, get some insider goss and be warmly welcomed to QUT by our affable staff! Feel free to ask questions about Open Day in the comment section below.

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