What should I do after I finish high school?


This blog post is mostly aimed at year 12 students who are over half way through finishing school and are making the jump into the real world and are looking for advice on deciding where to go to from here.

First off, if you’re panicking because you still haven’t decided what you want to do next year, don’t. At this time when I was in year 12 I still didn’t know what I wanted to do but it doesn’t mean all hope is lost and you’re doomed to fail. Here are five tips that may help your decision making and give you some positive direction.

  1. Don’t choose a degree just because your friends are doing it. I remember seeing many people in lectures in my first year of uni who clearly knew each other. The chances of 4-5 school friends who all happen to have the same goals, dreams and career aspirations are quite slim. You’re in the big world now, think for yourself, make your own decisions and don’t follow others because you don’t want to be alone and want to hang out with your friends. Uni life is much different to school life. You can’t fulfil your dreams if you’re in the passenger’s seat of someone else’s.


  1. Money isn’t everything. Don’t pick a profession solely for money. If you do you’re not going to enjoy it and money alone is not going to make you happy. Money doesn’t buy happiness, hard work does. If you are really passionate about a certain field or are drawn to a job you can connect to, even if it isn’t high paying, you will have a greater feeling of self-fulfilment and joy knowing you love what you do.


  1. You don’t have to go to uni straight away. If you feel like you must go to uni next year even if you still haven’t decided, don’t worry, you don’t have to. I took a gap year and worked to save up some money and then went back to studying. A gap year can help inspire you and allow you to find something you want to turn into a career and that is much wiser than picking a random course to study just for the sake of doing so. If you need help there is always someone to talk too.

Important university information (sarcasm, except the Hogwarts part):


  1. OP’s aren’t everything. There seems to be a notion among high school students that in order to be successful in life you need an OP and that OP is then used to judge your intelligence like it’s your grading in society. Once you finish school an OP is only used for so long before it is converted into a rank. There are other ways to get into university besides having an OP. I didn’t go for an OP and I turned out just fine so you can too. Click here to view QUT’s “Entry pathways” guide for study in 2015 which can help answer OP and study eligibility questions. I went from being accepted into uni, rejecting the offer then working to then going to TAFE, getting a rank and then getting into podiatry. If you work hard anything is possible. Never give up.


  1. Welcome to the big world. School may seem hard but I’ll be honest with you and say university is harder. That isn’t meant to scare you but get you ready for what’s ahead. If you have a good work ethic, want to learn and try your best then you’ll be successful at whatever you do. There is always help available at school and university so you’re not alone in decision making. The real world can be scary but it’s mostly an exciting place to be. From here until the end of the year, head down, work hard and the rest will fall into place.

P.S university exams have a lot of this, brace yourself.


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    shiamaa suyyed

    I like to study the art of cinema

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    Wow after reading this it made it much easier for me to understand where I wanna go….and what I wanna do…

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    I want to study music I am a good song writer, singer, rapper and a dancer and still can’t see where I want to go

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    Jahade Bannister

    I want to study midwife

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