Semester Break: Top 5 Brisbane Spots

We are now well and truly into Semester Break ! The period in which we briefly throw off the brutal shackles of university enslavement to textbooks, all night cramming, and 6am wake ups.

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Semester break is a time to relax, recover from the mental battle of exams, and perhaps most importantly – catch up with the friends you haven’t seen in so long due to uni, you thought they had moved to Germany or were perhaps eaten by a Tiger. However, it always seems that my semester break never quite lives up to the exciting friend adventures of my dreams. Less ‘Thelma and Louise’, more lying in bed all day watching Buffy the Vampire Slayer re-runs sighing ‘I’m bored… there’s nothing to do’ to each other ever hour or so.


Given the chilly weather, beach trips are out of the picture. And given our student poverty, expensive activities are a no go. Thus, in an effort to force my friends and I out of this semester break funk, I have created this list of top 5, affordable Brisbane spots for fun friend holiday dates.

Shorncliffe Beach – I’ve decided that just because the weather is not appropriate for a typical ‘Australian beach’ experience, doesn’t mean I can’t enjoy the British seaside – which is effectively what you get on Shorncliffe beach. Freezing salty sea winds hitting your face, crunchy seashell sand, mud flats and fish and chips. To some this may sound rather depressing, to me it sounds romantic.

Paddington Antique Centre – I could spend hours upon hours just browsing here, and many times I have. From vintage fashion to a giant, glittering replica of an ‘Academy Award’ this place is a treasure trove of odd, quirky knick knacks and bizarre objects.

West End – West End is a colourful place full of weird and wonderful shops, interesting and well crafted cafe’s and bars, a vibrant arts scene and some of the best markets Brisbane has to offer. There is always something entertaining going on.

Myer Centre & Southbank Cinemas –  Student tickets at Event Myer Centre are $6.50, at Southbank they are $5.50. Given the number of movies I have seen this break, these cheap tickets are probably the only thing keeping me from going broke.

Eat Street Markets – Lots of delicious food. Lots of cheap food. Delicious food = happy stomach. Cheap food = happy Laura.





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