Open Day Changed My Life

Literally. I’m not exaggerating. If you asked Grade-Twelve-Sara what she wanted to do with her future, prior to Open Day, you’d get an answer that sounded a bit like;

“Uhh. Uni… journalism…law maybe…teaching…business…stuff… I DON’T KNOW LEAVE ME ALONE.”

She would then run away from you and all decisions regarding planning the rest of her life.


Grade-Twelve-Sara felt bad, because her friends had everything planned out. Down to the course code and everything. She had no idea. She couldn’t even make a solid decision on what to buy from the tuckshop, let alone lock down the rest of her future.

She went along to Open Days just for the fun, and the free stuff.

At QUT’s Open Day, she went to a few subject seminars. After the journalism session, she was almost convinced that it was the degree for her (partly due to alumni Karl Stefanovic’s appearance in the PowerPoint), but decided to spend a little more time wandering around the Creative Industries precinct.

As she was collecting all the pink paraphernalia, she stumbled across the Fine Arts kiosk. She spoke to a lady named Sarah for about five minutes and was sold. Creative and Professional Writing was exactly what she wanted to do, she just wasn’t aware of it until that moment. She made it her first preference, along with business.

If she hadn’t gone to Open Day, she would never have known what the degree was all about, or that it even existed. She would’ve settled for something she didn’t like, had a terrible uni experience, and lived a sad and miserable life doing something she didn’t love.


So if you don’t know what you want to do when you leave school, don’t fret. In fact it’s all the more reason to head to QUT Open Day. There’s still time to change – or make up – your mind. Who knows, you could stumble upon the degree of your dreams.

See you there!

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    Sue andrews

    I read the blog on sarah and thats exactly how our son is feeling .
    Not knowing what to do .
    Sports , then went to jouralism then changed his mind to creative industies , business , I. T
    Started business at griffith goldcoast and lasted 2/3 weeks , disliked it and pulled out …
    Wants to give uni another go next year at qut , did originally get in for I. T and then changed his mind.
    Into qut that is , and decided to add business but then didnt get in again op was lower with business had to go to griffith then . Qut is his 1 st preference as his dad went there and luved it . Ryan is very confused at present and dosent no what he wants to do and its stressing him out big time and we dont no what to do . We have never seen him so stressed out and he hasnt even got back into uni again yet !!!! He wants go give it another go . Hes been working 2 years now . Could somebody ring me and give us some guidance . Sue 04XXXXXXXX
    We are going to an open day sunday .
    Many thanks 🙂

    • Avatar
      QUT Digital

      Hi Sue,

      We hope you and Ryan’s visit to QUT Open Day was able to answer the questions you had.
      The QUT Digital team can’t personally call you, as we’re not experts in this area, but if you have more questions, please get in contact with our Student Services team at 3138 2000 or careers counsellor at

      Note: we’ve had to hide your phone number for your privacy.


      QUT Digital

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    Kerrie Anderson

    Is it too late to enrol in semester 2 this year? My son got op 6 and wants to do B design…architecture?..

    Thanks Kerrie

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      QUT Digital

      Hi Kerrie,

      We’re afraid Semester 2, 2014 enrolment is finished – but QTAC enrolment for semester 1, 2015 opens next week on Tuesday 5 August.


      QUT Digital Team

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