Not So Sunshine State After All

If you’re like me, then you probably would have heard a lot of stories about university, both good and bad. But there’s one thing that you might not have heard about. It’s the horror story to end all other horror stories. You wake up in the morning and it’s perfectly sunny outside. It’s going to be a great day, right? Wrong! You go to uni, get to your class, walk outside afterwards and BAM. It’s pouring rain. There’s not even a hint of sunlight left in the world. Worse yet, you don’t have an umbrella. So what should you do in tragic moments like this?

  1. Your next class is on the other side of the campus and it’s one you can’t miss. Just let it all out and cry as you wade your way through the water from Point A to Point B.
  2. Go out there and brave the rain. You’ve already accepted your fate as a walking, talking prune. Maybe while you’re making your way to your next class, you can stealthily get under someone else’s umbrella.
  3. Wait inside for the rain to stop. Even if have to wait for centuries. It’ll stop eventually. Chances are there’s a vending machine nearby, so you won’t starve to death.
  4. All the coffee shops will probably be full, but don’t worry about that. Do battle. Push your way into a coffee shop without actually hurting anyone. Some other student will probably get wet, but don’t worry about them. You get to keep snug and warm with some lovely, hot beverage so it’s really no big deal.
  5. Maybe you’re meant to act like a mature adult now that you’re in uni, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have fun. Unleash your inner five year old. Sing and dance in the rain. Jump in all the puddles. Don’t even worry about what others think. At least you won’t get in trouble from your teachers like you would have in high school.

One way or another, you’ll make it through alive. You can keep your umbrella nearby every other day from here on in, but just remember that it probably won’t matter anyway. When it’s pouring outside, umbrellas are completely useless. Perhaps you’ll have the chance to try out all of the above methods of rain survival by the time you graduate. You see, rain at university doesn’t have to be quite so miserable after all.

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