Campus Culture Fix #1 – Theatre!

Sometimes it’s all too easy to get caught up in the business side of uni – reading, writing, drafting, submitting…if you need a quick escape from the routine on-campus, try a hit of theatre!

QUT’s Kelvin Grove and Gardens Point campuses always has something to offer theatrically. Mnemonic is currently playing at The Loft in Z Block, and I had a quick chat to Sound & Vision Assistant Rose Carbon about it.


Ellen: Tell us a bit about Mnemonic.

RoseCrossing continents and centuries, Mnemonic’s fragmented narrative takes in the discovery of Otzi the iceman, a search for an absent father, and the longing for a lost love in an exploration of memory that questions our reliance on this most subjective of storytellers.

E: Exciting! What makes the QUT Theatre and Technical Production shows so great?

RIn general, all involved put in an outstanding amount of hard work and collaboration. In particular with Mnemonic, working with final-year acting students and a variety of technical production students, the amount of hard work and passion really shows in the quality of this production. Mnemonic is one of the most technically challenging pieces QUT has put on to date!


E: What other shows are on at the moment throughout QUT?

RThere will always be shows around KG and GP, being tech’d by a variety of Technical Production students, featuring either the QUT Drama students or Acting students. At the moment, Gardens Point Theatre is putting on Essentially Dance. Mnemonic will be playing at The Loft (Level 5, Z block, KG) until the 14th June. So don’t miss out on these productions!


Theatre is just one way to soak up some culture on campus. Let me know in the comments how you maintain your cultural cool on campus, and stay tuned for future Campus Culture Fixes! 🙂


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