Data Analysis, a lost love.

When I first met you,

BSB one two three,

I was honestly surprised

You seemed pretty easy.

You talked about central tendency

Mode median and mean

And I thought to myself

“This could be a good thing.”


You were a required subject

An assigned core

But to me, Data Analysis

You were so much more.


When I was around you,

I felt like a cool cat

“What are you studying, Sara?”

Oh you know, just stats.


The assignment was due

You weren’t scary just yet

But you confused me with talk

Of scatter and bivariate.


Then you introduced your friends

Tests F and T,

Who are these tables?

I thought it was just me.


Doubt came along

With the hypothesis tests

It was all this uncertainty

That left me to guess.


What did I do wrong?

You’ve caused me such woe

Do we no longer correlate?

Or is my significance too low?


A Type 2 error’s occurred

We can’t do anymore

There’s been a mistake

And the evidence ignored.


So after the final

I’m leaving, you see

The z score between us

Is greater than 3.


Don’t pretend this is new

You saw this coming

The probability we’ll meet again

Is close to nothing


You’ll see me for the last time

In the exam attendance

But after that it will truly be

A Chi test of independence.

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  1. Avatar

    Haha, nice Sara!

    • Avatar

      Thanks Xav!

  2. Avatar

    This is so great! Data Analysis was a struggle but I’m so glad I passed so I never have to see it again 😀

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      I wish I was you right now Mel. I need to be free.

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    Avolosa Speight

    Ha,ha ..only crazy BSB one two three would solicit a poetic response like that.. brilliant!! Scatterplot, scatterplot on the wall, which one of us Qgrads is the fairest of all.

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      BSB, BSB, 123,
      Poetry counts as stats study!

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    Yasmin Patel

    Such a great.

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      Thanks Yasmin!

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    Moiz Ahmed

    That is amazing, you at least took the time to write to your love. Mine is still a secret, to my subject.

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    le na

    this is so awesomeeee hahaha

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