Bear Grylls equivalent survival guide to exam success

Exam tipsExam’s are coming which mean’s it’s time to get your head in the game. Here are some useful tips to aid in your survival and hopefully they help keep you sane at the same time which is always a bonus.

  1. Preparation. It’s very easy during exam time to get overwhelmed with the amount of content you have to remember and where to start first. Creating a plan of attack or some type of simple study program will help you stay organised. Don’t make things complicated and worse for yourself by studying at the last minute. Plan ahead so when business time comes you can walk into the exam so confidently people will stare at you and think, “Man, I wish I was not only as good looking as that but also that confident and relaxed. They must have prepared well”. That’s right, you could be that person.
  1. Create tables and diagrams. Some units/subjects are more visual than others which can make it hard to learn content if all you are given is pages of text you have to try and memorise. I try and summarise the important parts and create diagrams or put that information into tables so it’s easier to understand and is presented in a simplified way that can make it easier to remember. Our brain finds it easier to remember colour and pictures so we should be nice to our brain and give it what it wants. If you saw a beached az whale that was about to steal your fish and chups but it politely asked for some plankton so it wouldn’t take your fish and chups, would you give the whale some plankton? Of course you would. Exactly the same thing.
  1. Summarise. Take the most important information and put it into a table, a diagram or whatever format you learn best. There is no point in trying to learn the small details if you don’t understand the main concept. For an exam it’s better to use the main concept to answer a question instead of trying to remember small details which might not mean much. Once you summarise and understand the main features then go on and learn the smaller ones. Whoever marks your exam will be mighty impressed with your ability to answer the question with pages and pages until they run out of examination booklets to give you. A 7 is coming your way, well played.
  1. Definitions are your friend. Knowing definitions will make life much easier. The higher powers above us like to test whether you know the meaning of what you’re studying and learning them will in turn make study much easier. This crosses over to summarising your notes. Definitions should be a part of summarising and are a key principle when trying to understand a process. Definitions can help you in an exam; your friends can’t so therefore definitions are your best friend on exam day. Since they are your best friend and don’t have feelings you can use and abuse them and not feel guilty. If you fail the exam because you picked the wrong definition then you picked the wrong friend. It’s time to find a more trust worthy one.
  1. Prioritise. If your exams are only within a few days of each other then prioritising importance will reduce the stress. Some people might think to only study content for the exam in a few days and ignore another one a few days after it. That’s all well and good if you aren’t organised however since you’re reading this blog you are probably a keen bean not to fall into the stress pot. I have studied two units the day before an exam of one of them because of the small gap between both of them. It may sound crazy but sometimes you have to risk it to get the biscuit (Griffin’s Krispies are worth it. My fellow Kiwi’s will know this).

If you’ve somehow made it to the end of this then great work, you’re going to be one successful guy/gal. I would say good luck but luck doesn’t exist, only hard work does which is what you should be doing after you finish reading this sentence. GO AND GET TO IT! 🙂

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