Your guide to a social life during the semester

Week 1-4:
Isn’t student life so fabulous? Work a few shifts, attend a few classes here and there, and spend the rest of the time doing, well, whatever you please. Coffee dates before tutorials, brunch with your pals after a lecture, partying on down at (insert current ‘hip’ bar of choice) after your afternoon work shift. I totally have this whole life/time management/multi-tasking thing down. Look at me, Mum, I’m a fully-functioning adult! I know how to balance work, university AND social commitments. GO ME.

Is there a way I can do this for the rest of my life? No, really, has someone come up with a way of being a professional student yet? Because I’m starting to think the 9-5 Monday-Friday career life might not be for me. Twelve contact hours per week suits me just fine, you know, being an in-demand full-time social butterfly and all. I’ve got to spread my wings and fly.

Week 4-8:
Ok, so now it’s becoming a little more challenging to balance your social commitments with the mounting assessment. But never fear, this fourth-year student right here has experienced it all and developed the perfect solution. My secret recipe for maintaining social butterfly status AND a respectable GPA? Multi-tasking. Back in 2011, my first year of university happened to coincide with the year of 18th birthdays in my social circuit.

Being a sophomoric young 17 year old, 18th birthdays were pretty much the most important events on my social calendar. YAY GROWN-UP PARTIES. YAY ADULTHOOD (oh, the naivety). Missing just one party meant social reclusion. And social reclusion looks good on nobody, honey. But, at the same time, my inner-nerd was screaming, “P does NOT equal degree!… Must. Get. Straight. 7s” (oh, the naivety). So, I came up with the perfect solution- do both. Study AND party. Yes, for the past four years, study notes have been my fashion accessory of choice. In fact, I’m surprised they haven’t caught on; they’re very geek-chic, y’know.

So try it out at your next social event, be it an 18th birthday or a gig at the Tiv (ok, this one’s a bit more difficult to pull off). Take the draft you need to edit or the formulas you need to memorise WITH you. You’re welcome.

Week 8 onwards:
Ok I confess: I have failed you, my faithful students. This section is currently still in development.

Even as a so-called ‘experienced’ fourth-year, I’m yet to figure this one out. When you’re onto your second assignment for every subject and they are coincidentally all due in the same week (every. single. time!), that super-important social life flies right out the window.

At this stage, that time management skill we perfected earlier becomes the stuff of myths. We’re only human after all, and we probably all suffer from those inconvenient bouts of procrastination right when productivity is required. Too often it’s a case of “I’m not going out tonight, I’ll get a good start on that report” yet six hours later you find yourself on Buzzfeed taking the “Which famous turtle are you?” quiz. Answer: What have I even done for the last six hours? What am I even doing with my life?

For me, when assessment starts to ramp up, socialising starts to feel like just another task I have to complete. So I guess my advice week 8 onwards is to take some time out to relax and do something that requires no mental effort whatsoever. Spend hours watching funny animal videos. Watch mind-numbing reality television. Take a quiz and find out which famous turtle you are (I got ‘Happy Turtle’ but whatever, I’m clearly Michelangelo). Just relax. And then freak out because OH MAN THAT REPORT IS DUE TOMORROW.

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    I have two assignments due in the next three days…. I am Franklin the Turtle 😛
    great post xo

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