The Beauty of a Double Degree

In my eyes, studying a double degree is pretty much the greatest thing ever. The beauty of a double degree? Double the career opportunities and knowledge but not at double the time or cost! It’s kind of like being Hannah Montana/ Miley Stewart- without that whole teenybopper popstar gig and creepy Billy Ray Cyrus dad situation. You’ve got the best of both worlds i.e. law student by day, creative writing student by night. It’s a very mysterious, dangerous double secret agent lifestyle- or I like to think it is. 

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I.D.A.H., Queer Spaces and the Ally Network

Hey folks!

While the newly released Federal Budget is on everyone’s minds right now, it’s important to remember the other political struggles we face every day. Hundreds of thousands of Australians are tirelessly fighting for Marriage Equality and equal legal representation for LGBTIQ citizens. QUT is committed to ensuring a safe environment for all staff and students.

The International Day Against Homophobia (I.D.A.H. or I.D.A.Ho) falls on May 17th, and is a great opportunity to join with other Australians, whether LGBTIQ or allies, and support the cause for equal rights. Loud and proud marches and rallies are commonplace – one will be held at 1pm this Saturday 17th May at Queen’s Park in the city, organised by Equal Love Brisbane.

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QUT Classic

You know how some athletic/sports themed stories are usually really inspiring ? Like Chariots of Fire or Bend it like Beckham – tales of underdogs, who through hard work, keen natural talent and an ability to fight against all odds achieve great athletic success? I’ll be forward, this is not one of those stories … This is a warning, a humbling parable highlighting the importance of proper preparation.

On May 4th I participated in QUT’s annual fun run event the ‘QUT Classic‘. I thought it was pretty cool that a portion of all proceeds raised from the event would be going to the Learning Potential Fund and the White Cloud Foundation, and having missed out on the QUT Classic in 2013 due to work commitments I was really keen to be running this year. The QUT Classic offers three distance events, catering towards all fitness levels – 1km, 5km, and 10km. It should be expressly known that I had the option of running the shorter distances, but being a stubborn individual I thought; ‘well now, if I’m going to do this, I may as well go for the very hardest option available‘ and thus registered for the 10 km event.

The 10 Km route

The 10KM route

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Learning to be a writer

While these suggestions apply more to people doing some kind of writing course, everyone needs to be able to write to make it to the end of their degree. Here are my top five tips for those who love (and perhaps a few that dislike) writing.

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I’m going to make this breif:

The folding tables in lecture theatres that so neatly pack away, are not your friend.

Never. Trust. A. Lecture. Table.

The support and aid you think they offer will be ripped away leaving your belongings and heart to tumble down the slope of embarassment, for no reason.

They are fickle things.

You have been warned.


When you just can’t get the assignment started

Have you ever had one those days when you really want to get a good start on your assignment? You turn on your computer, thinking that you’re going to get at least a thousand words over and done with in one sitting. This is it! It’s going to be the best assignment you’ve ever done and you’ll get a High Distinction on it. But when you finally open up the Word document, all you can hear are the sounds of crickets chirping as you wait for the assignment to magically start itself and you wonder how you’re ever going to get a single sentence out?

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Expectations: Parents VS Students

It’s not uncommon to hold different opinions to your parents, after all you are separated by a few decades, and the way they grew up is completely different to the way you’ve grown up. So it’s no wonder the thought of university has both sides divided on what it’s all about, and what kind of course is best for the student involved.

diagram of parents vs students

The best way to know what university has in store for students, is to come along to QUT’s Parent Information Seminar, to discover where your ideas might (surprisingly!) intersect. The event will be hosted at the Gardens Point campus, from 6pm until 7.30pm this Wednesday, (May 7).