Do The Loop

Ok, so you’ve made it through your first few weeks, hopefully unscathed, and you’re well on your way to being a fully-fledged student. However, if you are like I was when I first started at QUT, there are a few things you probably haven’t been taught yet. 

*cue friendly advice*

There is a bus. And it’s not just any bus, it’s a FREE bus. Now when something is free you can’t just ignore it – you must use, you must aquire, such is human nature. And if you, like me, catch the train to the city and then walk to Garden’s Point campus, then this bus will save you the either freezing or sweaty walk from Central to GP and save you blisters from new shoes or from being late to class.

This magical bus is called The Loop bus and runs every 15 minutes in… get this.. a LOOP through the city, stopping right at QUT’s door.. more or less. Just look for any RED bus stop and red bus and you’re safe.

Ignore the voice inside that says walk, embrace the laziness! Sometimes you just need to.

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