Two words: Get Involved.

As it’s my final year at university this year, I’m beginning to think about all the experiences I’ve had and things I regret not doing.  One of my regrets is not getting more involved in a club or group.  There are so many at QUT and it can be a bit overwhelming during Welcome Week with all the tents and groups vying for more members, offering pub crawls and shirts and other freebies.

To make things easier for you, I’ve made a small list outlining just some of the clubs at QUT.  It will be easier to join a club during Welcome Week if you actually know a bit about them!

A full list of official clubs at QUT can be found here. Please note I haven’t included any faculty-specific clubs as there are simply too many! You can find faculty-specific clubs on the QUT Guild website here.

If you know of any other clubs people should be aware of, post them below in the comments!

Making a Positive Difference

The Big Lift – a not-for-profit organisation whose goal is to create meaningful relationships with Indigenous communities.  Their main event is an 8-day bus trip around rural areas volunteering time and effort to make a positive difference to communities.

AIESEC – This club offers exciting international volunteering and internship opportunities, a great way to enhance your leadership skills, help out a community and have a fun overseas trip all at the same time.

Get (Pop) Cultured, Chill Out and Make Friends

QUT Quidditch – Forget boring old soccer.  Rugby is so last year.  Volleyball?  Don’t even think about it.  Quidditch is the latest and greatest sport hailing from the ever popular Harry Potter series.  Run around with a broom between your legs and chuck a ball through the hoops to score points for your team, super easy and super fun.  This talented group of witches and wizards also hosted the first ever Yule Ball last year, so you’d better get your best Luna Lovegood christmas tree dress or Ronald Weasley frilly monstrosity suit ready for this year’s Ball!


QUT Anime and Manga and COStech –  I’m grouping these clubs together because anime, manga and cosplay are just made for each other.  In these clubs you’ll find people starting their journey on the epic One Piece manga, giving their thoughts on the latest anime releases or finding tips for their next Supanova costume. These are great ways to find something new to procrastinate with (like marathoning episodes of Shirokuma Cafe, a silly & cute show about talking animals who have jobs, I love it!).


MY Time QUT –  Uni life can be a stressful balancing act sometimes, so if you feel like you need some help dealing with the stress in a healthy and relaxing way, you can do meditation and yoga classes with this chillaxed group of people.

You’ll feel as relaxed as this cat.

Up-and-Coming Clubs

These groups aren’t “official”, but their communities have a strong presence on Facebook and always welcome new members!

QUT Whovian Society – ooooooEEEEEEOOOOOO, WOOOOOOOooooooOOOOOOO. That’s the Doctor Who theme song, obviously.  With all the excitement building about the upcoming season and the newest incarnation of the Doctor (rocking a very cool pair of boots I must say), this club is sure to be perfect for lovers of all things Doctor Who.

New kidneys…I don’t like the colour.

QUT Dance Society – Newly founded in 2014, this is the club to join if you just can’t help but dance along to your favourite song when it comes on the radio. All skill levels are welcome, from Doctor-Who-Giraffe-Dance to So You Think You Can Dance.

(This is also a good time for me to bring out my collection of dancing cat gifs…)

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    Nice post Melissa, QUT Big Lift is gonna be big this year, and I’m looking forward to doing some meditation yoga too

    • Avatar

      Thanks Zac! Meditation yoga sounds so relaxing, I’m keen to get into the weekly dance classes run by QUT Dance Society, should be fun!

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