Two words: Get Involved.

As it’s my final year at university this year, I’m beginning to think about all the experiences I’ve had and things I regret not doing.  One of my regrets is not getting more involved in a club or group.  There are so many at QUT and it can be a bit overwhelming during Welcome Week with all the tents and groups vying for more members, offering pub crawls and shirts and other freebies.

To make things easier for you, I’ve made a small list outlining just some of the clubs at QUT.  It will be easier to join a club during Welcome Week if you actually know a bit about them!

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It’s Confession Time Again.

Ok here comes another confession.

It happens every year. And it is slightly embarrassing yet I think a prevalent issue amongst Uni students. The first day of school. When we were in high school it was ok – we had a set uniform, a school bag, and appearance regulations. But Uni? We actually have to make our own decisions. Day one of Uni and the decision that freaks us out the most, or at least me, is WHAT DO I WEAR?

Ok, makes me sound vain. But first impressions are undeniably powerful and I don’t even know what impression I want to make. Do I wear shorts and a casual shirt? Or is that too casual? Perhaps a dress? Or is that too fancy and what if it’s windy? Wind also rules out a skirt… singlets make me feel exposed and jeans would be too hot at this time of year. You see the predicament? And shoes? I promised myself on the first day of Uni that I would never wear thongs…. That promise died after a few weeks. They’re comfy – but what if it rains? And then every girl gets a bit tied about makeup – proper makeup? Or just casual? I’m unfortunate having white skin – any blemish looks like a little LED light winking at everyone, you can see them twinkle in the distance – you’ll always see us coming so to prevent the people from being distracted by said blinking lights, makeup is a must.

First day of school =

No seriously…

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