The Countdown

It’s after graduation, schoolies and general end of high school antics, and you’re awaiting that one or two digit number set to determine your near future. Thanks to your high school’s preachings, many of you still consider your OP to be the holy grail to success.

While it’s true that the right OP may perhaps get you into your desired area of study quicker and easier, it mustn’t be forgotten that countless other pathways exist in regards to getting to where you want to be – a topic that I’ve previously written about.

I have a freakishly vivid memory of every single Simpsons episode I’ve ever watched, and I therefore tend to relate real life situations to certain episodes. Whilst writing this post, I thought of an episode where Lisa was stressing about an exam which she hadn’t prepared for. She was worried that she wouldn’t get the right grade, and assumed her future was ruined. The episode wraps up with Lisa realising that she should never have stressed so much in the first place. And so that’s my advice to you – don’t worry too much about your OP!

In saying that though, I was in your position once, and know it’s certainly easier said than done. Although when you realise how flexible pathways into University really are, and how easy it is to change/upgrade courses, then hopefully you won’t think of your OP as the holy grail. Either way, good luck, and enjoy the below picture I pulled from my favourite moment of that episode.

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    Thanks for your advice on not stressing too much about our OP. Trying hard not to, but its not that easy, still with the many posts that QUT has been providing about UNI pathways, IT SURE IS GETTING EASIER. SO THANKS!

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      Glad we could help out Lidia! And good luck!

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