Public Transport Playlist

We all know that Public Transport can start your day off in an unpleasant way. The train or bus ride into uni can either help you have a great day, or can put you in a foul mood for hours. But to avoid said foul mood, I tend to find a good ol’ tune to be the best method. 

  1. Above and Below – The Bravery
  2. A-Punk – Vampire Weekend… or anythings else by them
  3. No Interuption – Hoodie Allen
  4. Bloom – the Paper Kites
  5. Close to me – the cure
  6. C’mon Talk – Bernhoft
  7. Death and All His Friends – Coldplay
  8. Die a Happy Man – Tucca
  9. Spiritus – Lisa Mitchell
  10. Eye of the Storm – Bliss n Eso
  11. Fader – The Temper Trap
  12. False Pretense – The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus
  13. The Fear – Ben Howard
  14. Get It Right – Left Boy
  15. Hello – The Cat Empire
  16. A Hundred Sinners – The feeling
  17. I’m A Man – Black Strobe
  18. Life’s a Beach – Django Django
  19. Lisztomania – Phoenix
  20. No Church in the Wild – Kanye West
  21. Sunset – Avalanche City

And that is just skimming the music that makes your day – post below some more!

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    My two favourite songs are called Hello, the Cat Empire one and also the one by Martin Solveig. Enjoy the tunes!

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    Hi Amelia,

    Good list (not great though!) I should say as 3 matched with my fav. The Temper Trap, Coldplay and Ben Howard stays on my regular list. And LOVE Eminem very much. Go Monster Go!!

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      Thanks 😀 haha there is always room for improvement.
      Ooh Eminem should definitely be on the list, good choice!!

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    And now there’s free mobile Spotify, I seriously love whoever made that decision! Just download the tracks before you leave the house 🙂 Been building some seriously awesome playlists this way

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      I know right!? its the best way to hear new music and get the best playlists going 😀

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    Angelo Roise

    I am not a fanatic of musics. I am not even a music lover. Nevertheless, I love some of this songs, well it’s not bad at all 🙂 I’m gonna practice myself listening to music 🙂 Thanks for the list!

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      I’m glad you liked the songs! there’s plenty of great music out there, i hope you enjoy listening!

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