QTAC is a little like Maths

It’s a simple equation really: QTAC + students = stress, fear and worry. And be sure to double that stress, fear and worry if you add someone who’s indecisive into the equation…like I was when I was filling out QTAC. I’m indecisive enough when I’m filling out a simple survey, so when it came to choosing courses, saying I had difficulty was a big understatement. There’s the few students who know what they’ve wanted to do since they were 7, and that’s great for them. But then there’s students like me, who changed their mind every few months on what I wanted to do once I finished school.

But there’s good and bad news with this (especially for the indecisive). The bad news is you need to have filled out all your information on QTAC’s website by the 27th of September (this Friday). If you’ve been putting it off for whatever reason, do it now rather than at the last minute. Technology has a way of not working right before something’s due…trust me on this one. The good news in all of this is that you can change your preferences after Friday, which means if you suddenly feel like you need to switch around the order a few weeks from now, you can.

Don’t forget to keep a record of any application numbers or passwords close by to keep the QTAC process as pain-free as possible. It’s not the most exciting thing to be doing, especially for those of you on holidays, but it’ll save you a lot more stress later on if you get it done now. Good luck!


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    QTAC might be like maths, but maths is predictable and the result is always the same if the inputs are the same no matter how you slice it. it seems like qtac doesn’t have that luxury.
    i’m just stressing at the moment waiting for qtac offers coming in as mature age student (i’m 33) on the back of my employment experience.

    well heres waiting to january anyway

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      well i’m glad to say i got my 1st preference (Bachelor of IT) at gardens point. now bring on O week

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