Getting a Head START

For all of those students currently in grade 11, I have some good news. Next year you have the chance to get a huge head-START at Uni!

Anyone heard of the StartQUT program? No? Well, let me explain; this program allows Grade 12 students to attend Uni, one day a week for either a semester or a year.


  • You get CREDIT. This means you might not have to do one or two subjects when you get into full time uni.
  • You become FAMILIAR with the systems and processes at QUT; you won’t be so stressed or nervous when you start for real.
  • You get to make FRIENDS! It’s terrifying starting at a new school/uni when you don’t know a soul – StartQUT helps you make friends early so it’s not so nerve racking when you finish school.
  • You can get BONUS RANK POINTS. If you complete two subjects over the course of the year you can get rank points which could help your OP.

There is a whole list of reasons why you should look into getting into the StartQUT scholarship. I partook in it and I can say, without hesitation that it was the best decision of my life. I came to uni with more confidence – I didn’t get lost, I had friends, I knew what was expected and I knew how to meet those expectations. If you want to get a head start and launch your education ahead, check out this program.

Entries open on the 1st of August and close on the 31st of October. There are conditions and requirements, but go have a look – you certainly won’t regret it.

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    Greg Brown

    I have a daughter interested in interior design and starting grade 12 in 2018. What could she do thru StartQUT?

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      Hi Greg,

      It’s awesome that your daughter has an idea of what she would like to study, and START QUT is a great way to get a taste of what university is like. We suggest getting in touch with the team at, and they’ll be able to provide advice on what course units are available.

      Kind regards,
      The QUT Social Media Team

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