Getting There; The Scenic Route

Well, well, well; if this isn’t Déjà vu I don’t know what is. I am now back in the same position I was when I was finishing school. What on earth am I going to study?

For those of you who didn’t know, I am … or WAS, studying a Bachelor of Design majoring in Interior Design. Now – I adore art, I adore creating and drawing and painting and being wild and imaginative however the design aspects which are involved in interior design didn’t quite meet what I was expecting. It is a fantastic course however not the fantastic-course for me. So I took a bold move and submitted a Leave of Absence Application. Terrifying. That little voice in the back of my head hissed continuously – now what? Have you just given up? You’re career-less and not moving forward. I tried to block it out but it is difficult.

Continual self-encouragement helps. It ISN’T the end of the world – if I don’t find something I want to do, I can go back to design and at least get a degree behind me. It ISN’T giving up – it is taking a break to think about my future rather than muck up my Grade Point Average from lack of passion. Plus, it’s an adventure! I get to redefine who I am – I am no longer That Chick Who Studies Design – I can create a whole new label.

So after perusing the QUT Courses online I rounded my options down to three possibilities… now what? Parent’s feedback, sibling feedback and friend’s feedback are all helpful but I needed a little more to give me a push in the right direction so I visited one of QUT’s Career Councillors.  This was a really good experience and helped me decide what my next move was, and also helped me plan ahead and gain perspective on what opportunities are available and what difficulties might befall me.

So NOW what? Well I don’t have to apply through QTAC (sigh of relief) but if you are in the same situation there is a possibility you might have to. If you are like me and thinking of reinventing your study and career options take yourself along to a Career Councillor. You will not regret it. (Watch out for Y Block though. I couldn’t get out. It was a 20 minute expedition to find the exit!)

Déjà vu wise – I feel like a school student again – deciding what my career will be, what I should study. I am back in the same boat of I WON’T KNOW ANYONE! I will have to make new friends… wonderful. BUT I am once again excited. I forgot how exciting entering Uni can be. The potential is limitless.

And to any grade 12 students out there – Don’t stress. If you don’t like the course you get into – you CAN change. You aren’t locked in forever. Also… Good luck on the QCS and fingers crossed your theme isn’t “Getting There”.

So it’s off to a Bachelor of Mass Communications: Journalism/Public Relations. In the meantime, I’m going to start drawing for the fun of it instead of for work. My new label will end up being That Chick Who Writes And Talks And Draws…. Positive or negative? We shall see.

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    I did Mass Communication majoring in Advertising/Public Relations for a couple of semesters. It was suprisingly enjoyable, and my friends who are graduating this year are all doing really well in getting jobs and internships.

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    Good on you for assessing what you really want out of your career, which also saving something you are passionate about for ‘you time’. I have made the switch a couple of times too. I am glad I did tho, I love my degree and I am even considering post-grad now, as my undergrad comes to a close. There are so many opportunities at your feet.

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