Kid Vs. QCS: Surviving Those Two Days

The QCS Test is only days away, and you’re fully aware of what you’re up against. It’s an exam to test not what you’ve learned, but how you learned it blah blah blah. But let’s be honest, we all know what it comes down to: those two days of where you’ll have to sit still for a really long time, stop stressing about your future, quit thinking about those four assignments due tomorrow and complete a test apparently designed to make you feel like an idiot. It’s an examination mountain you’ll have to climb and, by now, you’re probably worried that you may not be up to the challenge.

But never fear, Rhi is here! Before you take on one of the final stunts for Mission Impossible: Grade 12, here’s some practical tips to help you survive in the unforgiving QCS wilderness – from someone who sat the test last year. Read more

QCS < Everything else

For many grade 12 students the lead up to the QCS is equally painful as it is daunting. Why? Because everyone, especially teachers, make a big deal out of it. And yes, while it’s something not to be taken lightly, I think half the problem is the amount of unnecessary pressure and stress people put on the tests.

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QCS – Stress Less!

QCS – the dreaded end of year test confusingly designed to determine your ‘all-important’ OP score. Since the beginning of high school, you’ve probably had the exact same thing repeated to you, as we all have; “Pick your subjects in grade 9/10, that will lead to the subjects you want to study in grade 11/12, which are directly related to your course at university, which leads to you obtaining your dream profession.” In other words – pick your career when you’re 13 years-old. Easily done right?

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