Pocket Money Please?

… week 3.
What have I learnt in my first three weeks at the lovely QUT? … I am destined to be poor and lost. But thankfully I will have a design degree under my belt so I will be able to design nifty ‘will draw for food’ signs.

But seriously… I’ve never been particularly wealthy – for the usual reasons of food, shoes, stationery and books, but now that uni has started I have noticed a marked change in the weight of my wallet and the girth of my account. And I haven’t even bought shoes or books for months!

Paper seems to be rather expensive these days – and doing a design course seems to require a whole hunk of paper… thanks, I didn’t want that $50. I just really wanted that water colour paper…. admittedly it is beautiful… but MAN. And the BookShop at QUT is a haven for stationery fanatics – I have never come across an art shop that sells 0.1 pens… so naturally I bought in bulk… my wallet shed a few tears.

Not only are supplies a nasty money-eating monster, but sustenance is a worse monster! It’s covered in chocolate and smells like coffee and only costs $4.50 for a lovely hug that sends you into a mild state of euphoria. You can’t help but love the yummy sustenance monster… he gets very regular hugs from me. Enough that I will, by the end of the month, have spent at least $54 on him. And you could say that that is worth it, for all those scrumptious munchables but… I can make my own scrumptious munchies at home… for free… BUT THEY’RE NOT THE SAME!

Oh, another factor that admittedly I cannot change but like to complain about nonetheless – transport. I literally had a dream the other night that transport became free. We turned into a city like Whoville and sang in glorious harmony beneath the fluffy trees and the long-nosed birds. I have resorted to dreaming about my lack of money. And I have it easy! I only live two zones away from the city! I cannot imagine the expenses more rural folks are having to fork out for the sake of their already expensive education. *sigh*

And to top things off, you cannot get more shifts at work in order to get more money to have more food or pens or savings that supply your transport because then you won’t have the time for the work you have piling up on your desk yet you are still ignoring!!! LIFE!

I had the thought to petition my parents for pocket money… the thought died with my last gold coin as I bought a rather delectable Hazelnut Late.

*Rant Over*

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    I feel your pain sister … on that note,off to spend my latest paycheck on ‘Peri Peri chicken’ sushi and more lipsticks than it would take to paint my whole body in colors of ‘eternal rose’ and ‘ brush of cinnamon’.

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      AH the call of cosmetics is definitely a powerful one D: good luck. xo

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    hey thanks for the insight about the budget stuffs, sounds hectic but i guess thats just a pinch of it right?… Hey im an international student and im interested in QUT, im interested in Acting, are there any blogs from Creative industry students. I want to know what the study is like

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